I thought I was so cool….

Finish that Sentence Friday and this week’s I thought I was so cool when I….

I had to really go to the recesses of my mind for this prompt! If you read Kate’s post from yesterday you will understand why. I never really thought I was cool. Except this one time, in Spain. I was 16 and if my long-term memory is correct this is how it went:

Tia and I were sophomores in high school and had the for-real coolest Spanish teacher in the history of Spanish teachers. Her name was Ms. Bertucci (like the restaurant, not sure if she was related). After saving our babysitting money and working part-time we convinced our parents to let us go. Across the ocean to a foreign country where we barely spoke the language.

What could go wrong, right?

The first night in Madrid we were allowed to go to a discotheque. There we were in our Guess watches (well, I was wearing a knock off), Benetton shirts, white socks scrunched down over our white sneakers and mini-skirts. (Okay, now you know how long ago this was!)

We were in the discotheque having a great time dancing to music we couldn’t understand, rocking our mall bangs and thinking we were the coolest things in the world. These fine  old Spanish gentlemen men were being so nice to us. Offering to buy us drinks (legal in a foreign country go us!) and laughing when we ordered soda instead. They started asking all about us, where we were staying, how long, did we know where our hotel was….

Sure, you know this is going no where nice…but we were 16 and idiots!

Thankfully, one of our classmates who understood Spanish a LOT better than either of us quickly figured it out and we learned….

In the 80’s if you were in Madrid and wearing a mini-skirt it meant you were a hooker!

That is probably that last time we, I mean, “I” felt cool!

And I should probably apologize publically for outting Tia’s experience with cool. But she is cool all the time so she will probably forgive me for a little embarrassment. After all, the tampon story was much worse!

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28 thoughts on “I thought I was so cool….

  1. Janine Huldie

    I can kind of figure the time period this took place by your clothing description and think I owned an outfit similar. Got to remember never to find it and go to there, lol!! Seriously, thanks for linking up with as always!! 🙂


  2. Kristi Campbell

    OMG thank you for the hilarity! That is awesome. HAHAHAHHA. Seriously, huge smiles here and I needed them today. So thank you.

    Oh. And I've always thought you were cool. And always will.


  3. OhBoyMom

    Oh that's too funny — good thing you had a friend who knew the language better than you. And sounds like I dressed very similarly to you back in the day…who could forget Benneton and slouchy socks!? That WAS cool back then!


  4. clark

    I feel bad for the young, young people who must find their own, 'you-did-not-do-that' experiences in this somehow, too safe/too dangerous world we live in… I remember the first day of my second year of college meeting up with some friends and having a hitchhiking race down to the beach (and back) to the school. 3 guys versus 3 girls… we all met at the beach (about 20 miles on the south coast of the state) then got rides (from strangers) back to school.
    lol talk about do not try this, demonstration purposes only.
    fun Post


  5. Kerri Ames

    Ha! Was that in Maine? I had a friend who used to do that same run! He would have his parents drop him off somewhere between NYC and MA and then 'race' his friends to the dorm. The only rule was you could not take public transportation. And no way in HELL would I let Allie do that 🙂


  6. Marianne Sandling

    Wow..you really got lucky!!! I honestly can't imagine letting my teen child go across the STATE, much less to another country! But, times REALLY have changed… I remember when I was 7 and could walk down to the park, alone.. we slept with the front door unlocked (we did have a gate around the house, and a 'watch-dog' {read: dog who barked at everything that walked by, but if you came in the fence, would NOT attack you}) Now, I won't let my 7yr old go down the elevator in our building by himself!!! And it drives me NUTS that my neighbor let's her 6yr old walk all the way to the end of the block to catch the bus himself…



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