Sisters, no matter the distance

When Abbey went to college this fall it mattered. Not that I’ve ever been that sentimental mother that worried about milestones. I’ve always been the mom that understood they are supposed to go to kindergarten, high school, get their license and go to college or live somewhere that is not my house.

I never had “that” moment where I was upset because it was just one more milestone that Bridget would not achieve. It didn’t matter to me that Bridget would never go to college, it worried me on how she would handle Abbey not being home.

I am incredibly lucky, my girls are in love with one another and bond over ways I never would imagine. Abbey has never once been jealous over the extra care and attention Bridget takes. I worried on how their bond would survive the distance.

That was proven true the first time Abbey FaceTimed home.

Bridget lost her shit. There were tantrums, there was crying, there was head banging, there was a storming to her room while she kicked the door. Every time Abbey called/FaceTimed we would try to get Bridget to just say hello.

I think it broke Abbey’s heart (though she would never tell me), I know it did mine, on how upset Bridget would become when she heard Abbey’s voice.

Until last week.

Last week, I don’t know what was in her water, but Bridget took the phone and visited with Abbey. Abbey took her on a tour of her dorm, the food court (no surprise, Bridget wanted to know where the Oreos were kept), “met” Abbey’s friends and they talked for an hour.

Tonight Bridget realized she could FaceTime on her iPad. She gave Abbey a tour of the house (in case she forgot where the kitchen was). Bridget TOLD Abbey about her day, about her friends at school and how it rained at home but she saw snow on the way home.

She told Abbey she would call her back tomorrow because she wanted to watch her movie.

Tonight my girls were back together having dinner together.

College distance, life distance has proven to have no impact on their bond.

It just took Bridget 6 months to figure it out.

1 thought on “Sisters, no matter the distance

  1. Nicole Mateman

    Hallo Kerri,

    Wat prachtig en ontroerend weer om te lezen. Wat kun jij je gevoel toch goed onder woorden brengen.

    De school waar Pip nu 2 jaar op heeft gezeten, heeft laten weten niks meer voor haar te kunnen betekenen. Er is nu nog 1 niveau lager onderwijs, het laagste onderwijs in Nederland. Daar gaat ze vanaf half mei naar toe. Helemaal goed, maar ook zo spannend. Nu kan ik mijn emoties omzetten in daden, omdat er van alles geregeld moet worden. Maar het afscheid dadelijk zal niet makkelijk zijn. Toch denk ik dat ze heel makkelijk zal wennen op de nieuwe school.
    Steeds maar weer bijstellen, daar wordt ik soms erg moe van.

    Groetjes Nicole



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