What’s in a word?

Words have such power and meaning.

Words, and how they are spoken, matter.

You can love pizza or love your children.

You can want a vacation or want a safe place to live.

You can hate broccoli or hate that someone you love has cancer.

You can say that you are friendly or that you are a friend.

You can say that taxes are stupid or that a person is stupid.

You can say someone is a Masshole or that they are an asshole.

You can say you don’t mean anything when you use the word retard or you can know that saying someone is retarded is not only insulting but hurtful.

There are an estimated 171,146 words in the English language according to Google. Of those words, I would guess that there are many insults you can use when describing someone’s behavior.

Let’s make retarded not one of them.

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