My Challenge: Tamara


Today I am so pleased to have Tamara willing to share her challenge. One all parents can relate to, for sure!

My Challenge: Managing Motherhood, Work & Anxiety.

I used to fear having more than one child. Our first was a happy surprise, so I was thrust into mothering as most of us are – scared, excited and dreaming – but earlier than I had expected. When I got pregnant, we were temporarily living with family, and we were jobless after moving from the west coast to the east. This was during the huge bust in the economy and just before an icy winter. These factors made me anxious and breathless, but once I found out I was pregnant, I rose to the challenge.

Our second child was planned, and very much wanted, but I was more anxious during this pregnancy. Camped out on the couch and feeling seasick for seven weeks with a potty-training two-year-old running around really made me wonder. How DO you manage the needs of two children? Then my son was born and pretty promptly placed in the NICU on antibiotics for a suspected infection, while I had a three-year-old at home, missing us and wondering when her brother would come home.

Then he came home, and I had two kids. I rose to that challenge too. At least, at first.

Money was tight, relationships were strained, and I figured out what it is I wanted to do “when I grew up.” Writing and photography, of course. The writing was already happening, but it was the photography that I wanted to make as a business.

I faced what many people face, although I thought then that I had broken the mold on it, and that no one else had it as crippling as I did – self-doubt and fear.

I rose to that challenge too, but mostly out of financial desperation and wanting to help our family to have better lives. My kids grew more, and with them, my anxiety. The business grew too, although not nearly as rapidly and heartbreakingly.

Then, maybe the largest challenge of all loomed above me as of yet. I’ve always been terrible with the bigger life transitions, since my father’s untimely and early death when I was very young. As kindergarten approached with my older child, memories surfaced of my own trauma during my newly fatherless kindergarten and I found myself getting nearly unbearably anxious. The fear of her kindergarten was so great, that it would bleed out into other areas of my life and make them scary to me too – dentist appointments, parties, confrontations. WORK.

How would I keep my anxiety mostly out of my parenting? How would I keep my anxiety mostly out of my work? How would I keep my family safe and whole? How would I keep myself safe and whole? These were the challenges, all swirled together into one major challenge – managing motherhood, work and anxiety.

On a semi-typical day, I encounter challenges from the start. I wake up far earlier than my body is meant to wake up – and I really believe that after years of sleeping until 9:00am daily and never getting a single cold or cough. Sometimes my husband goes to work before we all wake up, on a semi-typical day. And on those days, I wake up from a loud cat or a dog or a kid, way earlier than I will ever get used to, and I have five hungry mouths to feed. One of the kittens will be very vocal until fed!

Then it’s a struggle to shower and get both kids dressed – one lunch packed for  school, and extra clothes, diapers and wipes packed for daycare. Then I have to decide which kid to drop off first on a semi-typical day. Daycare starts at 8:30 but is looser with punctuality. School starts at 8:50, but you can line up as early as 8:25, and it is not loose with punctuality. So every day, we take some gambles and we make our way to school and then daycare, or to daycare and then school.

On a semi-typical day, I pack two backpacks and a “briefcase.” By “briefcase,” I mean camera case. On a lucky, but semi-typical day, I have a photoshoot scheduled on a weekday, which makes me feel like I’m somehow cheating because that means I still get weekends free, but we all know that doesn’t happen.

In between photo editing and parenting, there are no free weekends, but I’m lucky.

With the kids dropped off, I mentally assess everything I did that morning. Did I forget to pack a lunch for her, and diapers for him? Did I forget to pack the correct camera lenses for myself? Did I remember to eat breakfast? No. I never seem to remember to eat breakfast first thing on these semi-typical days.

Then, I go to work. That can mean on location, or that can mean at home with photo editing and writing. Then I go pick my kids up at different times. I go to bed and wake up the next day to do it again. It’s a bit of a dream, and sometimes it’s a bit of a nightmare, but it’s life. While I think we all struggle to manage parenting and work, I have to work harder as someone with anxiety.

Sometimes that means getting nervous for work. Sometimes that means getting post-traumatic stress at being inside a kindergarten, when I remember my own lousy experience at her age. Many times lately, it’s less anxiety. I’m working hard on it, behind the scenes, and I look forward to feeling less like daily life is a challenge, because daily life is also quite amazingly wonderful when I stop to look around.

I may always have hiccups and nerves and challenges, but I do find that they get few and far between when I’m working on the root causes of the anxiety.


Tamara and her son, Des.

*At the time of this writing, I have just completed six photo shoots in ONE WEEK, as well as attending Back to School night at my daughter’s school. All without panic.


Not only does Tamara take the most gorgeous pictures she also has the most beautiful children. I think all of us, on entering our first PTA meeting or open house are immediately taken back to that moment in school when all the cool kids were on the swings. Add to that the absolute chaos that reins in our kitchens trying to get ourselves and our children out the door in one piece. I hope it gets easier. I know I feel better knowing I am not the only one who struggles with this challenge.

Tamara is a professional photographer at, a mama of two, a writer/blogger at and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter and son in glorious western Massachusetts.

16 thoughts on “My Challenge: Tamara

  1. Janine Huldie

    I adore Tamara as you know and what more can I say, but I relate so much to what she shared here and just hope she knows she definitely isn’t alone in her thoughts, fears and anxieties, too. Thank you for letting her share her today and thank you Tamara for being so open and just a wonderful friend, too!! 🙂


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  3. tamaralikecamera

    I read your words introducing and closing my challenge several times. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this challenge. And for your beautiful comments as well.
    I’m honored to be here.


  4. dizmommy

    I love her! Tamara- I feel so very lucky to have been on this journey with you, through kindergarten and beyond. Though I knew your anxiety was flaring up at the time, there wasn’t a single time I thought you wouldn’t rise to the challenge. You’re the definition of resilient. Remember that post where you included Cassidy’s favorite picture of you? That’s how I see you too. Bigger than you’d ever know


    1. tamaralikecamera

      That’s the sweetest thing ever! I remember being so surprised he saw me that way, after all these years with ups and downs.


  5. Dana

    Two of my favorites in one place – like a Reese’s peanut butter cup. I think it’s so helpful for mothers in particular to read about other mom’s typical days. It makes us feel less alone to know that we all are managing to balance the best that we can, whether we have the added challenge of anxiety or not. You’re doing great, Tamara. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, ever tell you different.


  6. thelatchkeymom

    I’m so proud of you – obviously whatever you’re doing (whether be the root causes or treatment of) is working and it shows in your smile – and your productivity. You perseverance is inspiring!


    1. tamaralikecamera

      That means so much, thank you! Life has never been as hard as it was this past fall. I think I just reached my threshold for stress, and I’ve been putting together the pieces since.
      I do feel productive.


  7. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I think that so many of us can relate to this… feeling anxiety over all of it while also rising to the challenge of just doing it… that’s pretty huge, I think. And YAY that my love loves are together with this awesome awesome cause!!!


    1. firebailey Post author

      I was just out to dinner with a friend who had an anxiety attack. It came out of absolutely NO WHERE. She wanted to leave, we convinced her to stay and she did. After I apologized for “making” her stay. She thankfully told me that this was exactly what she needed. For us to ‘normalize’ it. We acknowledged it, let her sit and sip her H2O and just deal.


      1. tamaralikecamera

        That’s awesome that you were able to help her through it. I find that hiding my anxiety has never really helped. Talking to someone and having them help me breathe/drink water/whatever through it is beneficial.


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