Can I have a do over, please?

This first week back to school has been hell. No other words for it! Let me list the ways I have made mistakes this week:

Yesterday I left work early, took Boo to therapy and then went to meet Hubby & Allie at the beach house our friends had rented.  

·         My first mistake was leaving work early.

·         My second mistake was taking Boo to therapy without Allie as back-up. She was exhausted, the OT therapist was the one who doesn’t want me in the room. Another OT in the room left the door open, so Boo escaped back into the waiting room screaming for me. She was barefoot as she had thrown her socks into the trash. They take her back in and she throws the toy at the OT’s head. She comes back out, wearing the socks that she threw in the trash not once but twice. We head to the supermarket where I made…

·         My third mistake, the supermarket at 5pm. Boo tried to hug everyone and was upset when they wouldn’t hug her back.

·         My fourth mistake was heading to the beach. Where Boo screamed most of the way until I started feeding her pretzels and teddy grahams.

·         My fifth mistake was staying until 9pm.

·         My sixth mistake was waiting until I got home to open her lunch box to discover Boo hadn’t eaten or drank anything ALL DAY at school.

·         My seventh mistake was letting Allie stay at the beach with hubby and friends until the fireworks/bonfire because….

I had to wake Allie up at 7am for summer school, then woke Boo up at 7:30, so both girls were miserable because we spent too long at the beach.

I dropped Allie off at school at 8am, went to the store b/c I realized my mother’s birthday is TOMORROW (8thmistake and it was only 8am), drove back to the school to drop Boo off for 8:30 where I had a talk with her aide about her not eating.

She immediately got the head of the program and they figure out that Boo was taken out of the classroom for OT at 11am which is WHEN THEY FEED THE CHILDREN!!!! When she returned at 11:30 and because the teachers/aides do lunches in shifts no teacher realized that she hadn’t been fed!

They, of course, were completely apologetic and were very heartfelt on how guilty they felt that she hadn’t eaten. They said she was a little fussy at one point but I had told them she was tired b/c of the weekend so they chalked it up to that. They said they would make sure this type of thing never happened again.


My 9th mistake was telling Hubby as I drove to work that everything was handled b/c he exploded at me and said he wasn’t happy with this program and this type of thing keep happening and that he wasn’t going to stand for it. That there seems to be an issue with everything at this program and we never should have left Montessori.

My 10th mistake was coming to work b/c apparently I reminded my boss of a meeting for 8am this morning and it isn’t until tomorrow at 8am. He was actually on time and very upset and we have to stop ‘making these types of idiotic mistakes’.

My 11th mistake was having hubby pick up Allie from summer school at 9am because he couldn’t find her. So I got a panicked phone call from him asking for the teacher’s name, room, etc…turns out that he was in the next drop off line and not in the pick up line.
It’s days like this that makes me wonder why I work. Well, I know why…I like having a house and a car and heck the girls need clothes and Boo needs diapers and Lord knows I need a glass (or two) of wine! 
And when I get home tonight I plan on having one or two to make up for this horrific week. It is only Wednesday.YIKES!

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