Yesterday was the 75th anniversary for SPAM. Allie asked if we could have a celebration because she loves SPAM. This is the meal of choice when I am not home. My husband makes Allie & Boo SPAM sandwiches, SPAM with Mac & Cheese, SPAM with hot dogs, SPAM with SPAM.

No offense to SPAM lovers out there. But I just do not get it. First, it smells up the house. Second it has this weird gelatin thing on top. Lastly, it looks (and smells) like cat food.

I admit to being a picky eater. Although I have grown in the years to like a variety of foods, as a child I was impossible to feed. My husband thinks I still am! Becuase of this, I was determined to expose Allie to a variety of foods. And failed. She will eat chicken in a nugget form, but heaven help me if I roast a bird and expect her to eat it.

Boo was more difficult as she had feeding issues, allergies and the list goes on. I always tried: avacado, meats, stews. Her feeding therapist was adamant that we explode her palate with flavorful foods so that the food would ‘wake up’ her mouth. Now that we have worked out her allergies and given her solid food and graduated feeding therapy I thought we were in the clear. That I would have a child who ATE and ate well.  But again, she will only eat chicken in a nugget form!

Yet they both love SPAM. I guess in a way that it is a nice bond they have with Daddy.

But my snarky side thinks that anything odd about the girls is from their daddy and not my fault! 🙂

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