An innocent woman walks into a PTA meeting…

I don’t know quite how it happened. It’s not like I don’t have enough to do in the hour, let alone the week, month year. I think it went something like this:

An innocent mom (hey innocent until proven otherwise!) picks up her daughter from school. The assigned aide asks the innocent mom to come to this week’s PTA meeting at the older child’s school. They need someone to ‘just help out’ and take notes at “the” meeting (notice I said “the” and not all”). Would I please just help out?

Two minutes into the meeting and I am voted in as the co-Secretary. But ‘don’t worry’ there is very little to do, 2 hours a month. The meetings are at night (in the school so no adult beverages). During the school year. There is a co-secretary who will do most of the work.

They neglected to mention the planning sessions (who knew, I am part of the executive board!) during the summer. And once a month has now turned into twice a month. The meetings are not 2 hours, but 3-4. With an additional couple of hours back and forth finalizing the notes.

The second meeting the other innocent mom, I mean co-secretary doesn’t show. Doesn’t respond to any messages. Of the 12 member board there were only 5 attendees. I offered to the PTA if the meeting was held in a Pub they would have a lot better attendence–I don’t think they saw my humor.

Last night was the third meeting to “plan” the coming year. The two hour meeting turned into three hours with very little resolved. Other than they “hope” I can help out with three events in August and there is another ‘planning’ meeting scheduled for three weeks.

I cannot even use the excuse that there was wine involved.

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