New Rules

Having survived the 2012 holiday season, I have determined new rules for Christmas 2013:

  • The person who gives the gift must put the gift together. This includes, but is not limited to: horse stables, Barbie houses and the Euro-grow-with me chair. (By the way, the chair is the BEST GIFT EVER. Just a pain in the knees to put together.)
  • If you are going to buy said gift that requires a  degree in rocket science to put together and you are not available for assembly you must provide the wine.
  • Nephews who come for Sunday brunch should say thank you. Not ask why there isn’t enough corned beef hash. (Because honestly, YUCK I didn’t think anyone would be eating it anyway).
  • Nephews should not ask, while in the midst of cooking the brunch and then cleaning up for me to teach them how to drive a standard. And then be surprised when I say not today.
  • If you are going to participate in our Yankee Swap, at least have the gift look like you spent $20. Do not give a candle that I know you spent $5 on.
  • If you are going to give a gift to the girls that takes batteries and makes annoying noises do not be surprised when my husband calls your house, cell phone, office and plays the toy on it’s loudest setting for your pleasure. Especially when it is a piano that plays Linus & Lucy. Non-stop once Boo figured out how to hit the button.
  • And do not be further suprised when he calls you at 2am. (yes, yes he did)
  • And lastly, if you are going to give Allie a make-up kit with 72 shades of eye shadow do not be surprised at the revenge gift I am planning for next year!

What are your rules?

    13 thoughts on “New Rules

    1. Kerri

      Bron, that chair is seriously the best! She hasn't figured out how to get in/out on her own yet. But it puts her at the right height/stability for the table. NYC for next Christmas? I'm in 🙂


    2. Kelly Louise

      Smart women. To stop our predawn raids on our Christmas stockings Mom stuffed the tops with cellophane then made us share a room with our grown up niece and her husband. Not sure what their crime was.

      I think I'll visit often just to see that marvelous picture of Boo. What a cutie.


    3. Rachel

      Oh man–when we have kids, I'm pretty sure I want to ban all presents of toys…but I'm also pretty sure that no one would listen to said ban…


    4. Kenya G. Johnson

      I am so not a bargain shopper. I am always amazed at what people find for $20, when I may have really been ripped off on the candle I spent $20 for.

      Side note rule that has nothing to do with Christmas: Rule #1 about the tooth fairy, “Don't tell my child how much your child gets from the tooth fairy.” My brother-in-law told my son his tooth fairy was cheap and that his daughters tooth fairy gave $20 for teeth. I told my son he could take his chances, “We could send his tooth to Uncle so and so or leave it under his pillow and get $2”. 😉


    5. Smack Of Ham

      A basic rule around these parts is the more parts a toy or game has, the less chance it will ever see the light of day. My children look at multi-piece games as a chance to relocate parts into every corner of the house.


    6. Terrye

      LMAO! Your hubby is pure evil for calling at 2am and playing the toy. But, I can totally understand! Collin has had a few of those toys – including a ball that played non-stop annoying tunes while playing too many lights and making itself roll all over – at it's whim – including in the middle of the nights when we thought we had hit the off switch.

      Thank you so much for linking up with our Humor Me! Blog hop! You da bomb-diggity!



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