Augmentive Communication

Boo is very lucky to be a patient at Children’s Hospital Augmentative Communication department (one of her many specialists!). In honor of Down Syndrome’ Awareness month. Rebecca Therriault, SLP of the Augmentative Communication Program for this handout on Visual Schedules with a focus on supports for Children with Down Syndrome.

I am not adept enough to post the schedule here. But I recommend liking the CHB Augmentative Communication Program on Facebook where you can download a copy of the schedule to help with your child.

Boo’s school uses a similar schedule for her day. I have not attempted it, yet. After all we failed miserably with PECS! But this is so cool. Because I am totally inept, I tried to put it here for you to see:

I am hoping you can see Rebecca’s work. You can tell that she really thought out the best way to inform the uniformed how a visual schedule works. I am definitely going to try it. If it works, I will have Boo’s ACC SPT thank Rebecca for me. If not, I will never mention it at all at Boo’s next appointment :0

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