Allie’s future is planned, sort of

Last night Boo had an epic meltdown. Not just last. Her entire day was off. It as my fault, really. I posted recently about the weekends with company, then going to see the grandparents, then having to go to her appointments rather than school. So she was already not up to her best. She fell asleep on the way home from school yesterday, exhausted. Boo had been waking up crying in the morning and crying herself to sleep. Not her normal. I know she is constipated and is going to take a couple of days to get back to sleeping on her own. Boo loves her routine, she just needs time to get back to it.

So, why oh why did I decide that today was the day for her to wear new shoes?

Boo wears sneakers (when she is not throwing them in the fire or out the window). Boo does not like to wear shoes at all on her left foot. So why would I, when we were already late for school, decide to not only put her in a dress but new shoes?

Because I’m an idiot. That’s why!

Needless to say the morning was not fun. Boo was screaming and banging her head uncontrollably. She threw the shoes at my head. I finally got her calmed down and Allie proclaimed:

“That settles it, I am NEVER having children”

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