Superwoman complex

My name is Kerri and I suffer from Superwoman Complex.

Do you or some mom you know suffer from this rarely talked about syndrome? It’s when you think you can and must do everything. For everyone. But yourself. So you are going along taking care of everything and everyone and BAM out of no where you are hit will a killer migraine. 

Your husband, of course, is not home. You are driving home with two girls who need lunch, like NOW. You crawl into the driveway, give them cheese & crackers & fruit for lunch. You throw the crazy puppy outside and pray he comes back. You try the over the counter medication because you are afraid to take the heavy duty stuff when you are responsible for the girls. And because you think you must be Superwoman you decide to make banana bread and start the laundry. An hour later, you crumble and take the prescribed medications. Lay on the couch only to have Boo think you are a trampoline and crazy puppy (he came back) wants to play catch. 

Thankfully husband walks in the door at the exact moment and proclaims:

You look like crap. You should go lay down somewhere.

Because he is telling the truth and is finally home so you can hide in a dark room you don’t say THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! But instead crawl upstairs to the peace and relative quiet.  

A couple hours later when the  medication has worked and the migraine has transitioned to a low-grade (manageable) headache you realize the hard truth: You are not superwoman. But you feel human so that’s okay. 

This is how I spent Saturday afternoon. When the migraine had lifted later in the night and I could function again, my husband innocently asked: What are you stressed out about?

Yes, he lives. Guess I am superwoman after all!

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