Quiet weekend? Yeah, right.

We had the best weekend. It just wasn’t quiet and relaxing. 

On Saturday we had dinner with friends. There was a dinner I didn’t have to cook, dishes I didn’t have to do, good friends and wine. Added bonus, I managed to kick the kids butts in Twister (at 42 I still got it!).

On Sunday, a day I was sure going to be a day of rest. Well….

Allie got invited over to her Crafty Aunts after Church. Husband decided to go to the movies with friends. (Zero Dark Thirty. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go!). It was just Boo and I. I decided to tackle Allie’s room. It was a disaster area. 

You know what they say about good intentions right? Well, they haven’t tried to clean a room with Boo and a crazy puppy. But we did it. It is clean. Then I had the bright idea of surprising Allie by putting glow-in-the-dark stars in her room.

Picture it now….me, a step-ladder and Boo. Who do you think won?


And Boo laughing: MOMMA BOOM! AGAIN!!! (I am thinking woo hoo a sentence as I lay under the step ladder)

I see a pedicure in my future for next weekend. Who’s in? 

6 thoughts on “Quiet weekend? Yeah, right.

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Ha! The first thing I thought when I read that (after feeling horribly sorry for your poor fallen self and hoping you're okay, of course) was “wow! Boo says sentences!? Awesomely COOL!” Allie will love the glow-stars.
    And you totally deserve a pedicure next weekend.


  2. icansaymama

    Yay for the sentence of Boo!
    Ugh, but I am sorry you fell off the ladder, hope you do not hurt too much!
    I had a pedicure last week, but really? I do not like pedicures. Just cannot enjoy them.


  3. Raelyn

    I do not know Boo very well yet, as I'm still new to this Blog. She talks?! Well, I did know that Boo is a bright little girl, so we should not be the least bit surprised by it!! Good job, Boo!! ;-D
    Ouch!! I'm clumsy myself, so I felt your pain!! 😉



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