This week I received four Liebster Awards. I am overwhelmed by it all.

I started blogging as a form of therapy. I needed an outlet for what I was feeling, my struggles and my joys. Life with Boo has been eventful to say the least. I thought it would just be about Boo. But Allie keeps things so real that the blog became about her too. (She is kind of a scene stealer)

I stumbled on Love that Max thanks to a top blog award in Parents Magazine in 2011. Ellen’s writing spoke  to me, but it was really thinks to her Friday link-ups that I began discovering that our family was not alone. I know, at some point, we all think we are in the worse situation ever. I frequently comment that how I keep my calm is seeing other families in waiting rooms.

But those families, I do not know their struggles or joys. They are just faces you see in waiting rooms. With the Friday link-ups I found people, not exactly like me but going through this special world with grace and humor. Humor is a must for me.

While I thank Kristi, Misty, Mama and Alana for the recognition, I really thank them for their blogs! Without them and the blogs I passed my award onto, I would still feel alone in this overwhelming special world. In October when Michelle hosted 31 for 31 Challenge I joined up. Not because Boo has Down Syndrome, but because the techniques that are used for DS Children work for Boo. It made me see, once again, that although Boo is undiagnosed she shares a lot of traits as kids with DS, Autism, Sensory issues and (ew) bowel issues. 

Just like every person is different, every special child is a journey in and of itself. Where we find commonality is with the struggle to get our children the tools they need to live life to the fullest.

So keep reading and commenting! Your advice, experience and humor help me navigate this world.


5 thoughts on “Wow….

  1. Mama Meerkat

    I am so glad that I started doing the Love that Max link up! Mini does have one diagnosis, but she has so many other issues that are just all over the place. It has been really encouraging to see that we are not the only family stuck in the mystery limbo

    I also need humor to survive!


  2. Raelyn

    I know what you mean about wanting to find community. As a dog owner who knows very few other canine lovers, I have felt alone in my own way. That was. Until I discovered my Community!! My Friends. My Family. And, Online, of all places!! Wow…. So, I understand completely. 😉



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