I’m exhausted, so I am doing a quick mind/blog dump!

I am so freaking proud of my nephew. He is part of the reason I am exhausted. Yesterday we woke up at 3 freaking AM to attend his swearing in as a Seamen before he left for Basic Training. I already miss him. He doesn’t live close by but thanks to the Bruins we text every time a game is on.

Speaking of the Bruins…you would think I would go to bed early? Right, I mean up at 3am…but no I stayed up to watch the battle with the Canadians. That we lost. I think the big, bad B’s had better shape up soon. Thankfully my nephew got spared the game. Although my other one was tortured with me.

Boo is sick. Again. With the creeping crud. Kristi I swear if her and Tucker keep kissing…kidding! Of course, mom of the year that I am, I sent her to school. No fever and she wasn’t cranky. So I figure go and get well.

My friend, who lost a child to SIDS a year ago is doing a fundraiser in her son’s name Colby’s Crusade. I do not know how she survived the experience. I think of all I go through with Boo and am feeling so blessed. That Kandi would not hide under the covers, but share her story and help prevent another parent having to suffer. I am in awe. SIDS is the leading cause of death in babies. More than cancer, Cystic Fibrosis or heart disease. Before Kandi told me, I had no idea that an estimated 8, that is EIGHT, babies die every day from SIDS. And there is no science that can tell us why.

And I get ticked that Boo is undiagnosed.

On a lighter note, the hubs and I actually watched a movie together and it was Disney (yeah us!). Rock of Ages, you would think with all the talent, Alec Baldwin at least, it would be a good movie. It was one of those you were positive would improve. But not so much.

Of course now I have an 80’s soundtrack playing over and over in my head.

Okay now going for caffeine. End of brain dump, thanks for reading my exhausted thoughts!

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  1. Kristi Campbell

    Oh no, sorry to hear that Boo is sick. Tucker's cold seemed to hang on forever. The Friday that it hit was super-sucky. I felt his head, he seemed fine so I took him to school. I drove all the way to work, got to the parking lot there, and got the call from school to come get him. Fever of 100.1.
    I hope Boo feels better soon. And I know exactly what you mean when you say that there's nothing like hearing about somebody's story of loss to put perspective in our undiagnosed worlds. I'll check her out now. Thanks, and take a nap!



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