FMF: Broken

No FMF does not mean F*/*-/ my Family 🙂

Five Minute Friday

It is time for 5 minute Friday. Here are the rules: Write for 5-minutes, without editing, back-tracking, over-thinking. Always hard for me to do! And in complete honesty I had to re-start this one. More than once. Because this week’s prompt brings so many thoughts.

Starting now….again (!)
When I think of broken I think of how we have not been broken by Boo but how how she has strengthened us. I remember when we first brought her home I wondered if our family could survive a child with (at the time) overwhelming health issues. What I learned was that I do not have to be strong all the time, my husband and I can take turns breaking.
I have been surprised how Boo has made our extended family bonds stronger. We have been completely overwhelmed by the support of our family, friends and community. By being “out there” with Boo and her spirit we have been truly blessed.
When her health stablized and we learned that she may be intellectually disabled it was like we were given good news and then but here is the price you have to pay….your daughter will be healthy (THANK YOU GOD) but she will struggle for the rest of her life. What comes easy for other children will be work for her. But she will GROW!

But I worried. So worried, that the world-at-large would look at Boo and think she was broken. You know, the stares at Church or the grocery store. You know in your head that their looks and judgement shouldn’t matter. But your heart kind of breaks.
I read about how having a child with special needs isolates and breaks a family. Boo has done the opposite. We have never hidden Boo’s struggles and because of that our friends and families have been accepting of Boo. They love her and protect her as much as her parents do.

Boo has a team of therapists, teachers, aides, friends and family that will make sure she is never perceived as Broken. Instead they see Boo.
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18 thoughts on “FMF: Broken

  1. Dana @ Kiss My List

    Wow, Kerri – I hope that was as powerful for you as it was for me. You know how they say a broken bone will heal stronger? That is how I think of the parents and families I know who have special needs children.


  2. Sylvia

    You guys are blessed! You've got lots of love and support. I know for us, our family was broken before Bethany got sick. At first her illness was nearly the “straw that broke the camels back”, but then her ordeal made us grow up and “fixed” us. Not that we're perfectly perfect now or that I don't wish it could have been fixed without her having had brain cancer.


  3. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    we were in the therapy waiting room yesterday afternoon and a young man was waiting on his lady friend, who was there for regular ol' pt, and i noticed him looking over at us as i sat talking with patty's OT about her latest performance review. i wonder what he was thinking.


  4. Nisha

    I'm glad you don't see Boo as broken how you see your child is realty important I should know my mom introduces me to people by saying “this is my daughter she's a little sick.”


  5. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    What a really inspired post. It's beautiful that you can see the blessing that is your daughter. As it should be. And, as always, I can't believe that you wrote this in five minutes!! 🙂


  6. Kerri Ames

    Oh Nisha, I am so sorry. Nope we don't ever introduce Boo that way. We may explain AFTER the fact that of why she needs extra care. But never as a mode of introduction.


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