Who knew kids came with homework?

I never realized before having children, but apparently I approve of torture.

Based on the past week, I believe Allie will be applying for amnesty. Please tell me I am not the only parent out there that gets a certain amount of glee from knowing my child is suffering as much as I am through the homework process.

Last night after doing my own work at you know work, I came home to not only having to do housework (like feed the children) but also Allie’s homework. Now if it is Allie’s homework what does that have to do with me? Because if it has her name on it doesn’t that put me off the hook?

Apparently not.

After a half hour of math facts, followed by something called Every Day Math (that isn’t) I thought I was in the clear. But wait, there is more!

Me (asking innocently): Allie, what is this study sheet?
Allie: What?
Me: This sheet here about magnets. Do you have a test on it tomorrow?
Allie: What? My show is on.
Me: Allie get back in here.
Allie: But it a new Shake it Up.
Me: I don’t care if it is a new….wait, when did you turn the TV on? Get back in here!
This was followed by an hour, no lie, of me quizzing Allie on magnets. Why an hour you ask?

Me: What surrounds a magnet?
Allie: Iron
Me: Try again
Allie: Air
Me (I swear trying NOT to loose my cool): One more try
Allie: Grass
Me: A magnetic field surrounds a magnet
Me: What surrounds a magnet?
Allie: Air

Husband: Well, in a way she is right

How exactly do teachers get through the day without wine?

19 thoughts on “Who knew kids came with homework?

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Okay I'm not laughing AT you but I'm laughing! This is too funny. “Wait when did you turn on the tv?” HA!
    And she is technically right that air surrounds a magnet. And you know what? I'm so glad you put the answer of a magnetic field here because as I was reading along, I was like huh? What do you mean “what surrounds a magnet?” πŸ˜€


  2. Stacey Nicole

    I joke with my husband that we need to go back to school before our kids begin school so we will be able to help them with their homework. After reading this post, I *know* we will have to!


  3. don

    Lol. Homework sucks. I finally had to introduce my 9 year old to the Google search engine. She's not allowed to bug me with parallelograms or fractions until she's tried on her own first.


  4. Terrye

    Wait…you mean iron doesn't surround magnets? Holy hanna! I learned something new today! πŸ˜€

    I think teachers do it to gain brownie points with Karma. πŸ˜‰


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