Monday Mania

Welcome to Monday, everyone!

What a weekend. Have I ever mentioned before that I am the least crafty person you would ever hope to meet? Well, that lack of craft-ability crosses over to landscaping.

I really love beautiful yards. I really hate yard work. But this weekend for the first time since sometime in October the weather was beautiful. I had no excuse but to get out there and weed the flower beds that still had last year’s expired daisies. I keep envisioning a Better Homes & Gardens cover shot when I picture my yard. Except it looks more like the Clampetts.

Where all the leaves came from I have no idea. But I used muscles I didn’t know I had in my arms, hands and back. And there is still about another 5 million more. I left those for the husband since my flowerbeds were finally clear. I thought of it as a gift, him not so much. He hates yard work too.

The girls had fun though. I probably should have taken out the camera to capture them running around, blowing bubbles and just enjoying being outside. Boo even went on the grass and the mulch by herself, no prompting. Guess the grass will no longer work as a fence to keep her in the yard. This is when you think, why are we doing therapy? She was so much easier to contain before!!!

And bonus, no shoes went into the fire pit!

Then this morning we had the monthly workshop with Boo’s special ed program. As much as I used to hate this process, really more that I found it overwhelming, I have come to love the workshops. To see how they are working with Boo and being able to incorporate some of the skills at home. It is also nice to be involved in the process. To let them know what behaviors she is exhibiting at home and be provided some thoughts on how to keep Boo engaged.

Boo has really come along way. Recently she seems to be making such progress. This weekend she danced (okay fancy word for jumping in place and waving your arms) and spun around. She made me ‘dance’ (or my version of running in place man) to Austin and Allie about 100 times.
Well, this turned into more of a weekend update! I am thinking between dancing and yard work that should count as exercise, right? Because it is always good to end the weekend on a positive note. Even if Monday morning means you have to go to work!

2 thoughts on “Monday Mania

  1. icansaymama

    This is totally excercise!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend (apart from the yard work that I despise, too). And remember that I hold the title of least crafty person! 🙂



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