No words…

We thought it was safe to run, to fly, to go to school, to play. I am heartbroken that my children are being raised in a world that has such evil. 

7 deaths World Trade Center Bombing (the 1st one) 1993
168 deaths Oklahoma City Bombing 1995
13 deaths Columbine massacre 1999
2,996 World Trade Center Attack better known as 9/11 2001
11 deaths Amish School Shooting October 2006
13 deaths Westroads Mall Shooting (Omaha, NE) December 2007
56 deaths Virginia Tech April 2007
27 deaths Northern Illinois University Shooting February 2008
43 deaths Ft Hood Massacre November 2010
19 deaths Tuscon Arizona January 2011
10 deaths Oikos University (Oakland California) April 2012
70 deaths Aurora Colorado Movie Theater July 2012
10 deaths Sikh Temple Shooting August 2012
28 deaths Newtown, CT December 2012
1 death Robert Saylor, Maryland January 2013
3 deaths Boston Marathon April 2013

I am heartbroken at the absurd violence that seems to have taken over our lives. I am saddened that we seem to be innoculated to the mayhem that has taken over our daily news.

But I am more than grateful that for every one person who takes a life there are hundreds that speak up and say IT IS NOT OKAY. That for every person who ran away from a massacre, they were outnumbered by those who ran towards to help.

All of these deaths/victims/lives and the many that I did not include, are across gender/race/faith/moral upbringings. All of these deaths are not the sole result of a gun, bomb, knife, automobile, airplane or other weapon. Their only commonality is that their lives were shortened for absolutely no reason at all.

Their deaths are the result of some person (for lack of a better word) who did not see the beauty in this World.

There are no words to alleviate the pain and suffering of any person affected by violence.

Not yesterday, not today, not a decade ago and not tomorrow. I do not want to live in a police state or a state of fear. I want to enjoy the beauty of this world and pass it on to my children. All I can do is strive to raise our children (and ourselves) to stand up and say enough.

The ONE murder of Robert Saylor is equal to the murders of 9/11. Every life counts.

No more bigotry, off-color jokes. No more child abuse. No more elder abuse or spousal. No more killing for the sake of killing. No more hate.

No more using non-combatants as chess pieces in your war against whatever you are against.

Utopia, peace-filled world is hard to attain. But until we say ENOUGH we will never be able to get there.

Peace. Love. Understanding. Comfort.

I will not forget your pain.

Those are the only words that I can offer to any who are suffering today.


8 thoughts on “No words…

  1. Janine Huldie

    Kerri, beautiful post and seriously I have been speechless on this since hearing about it yesterday. I lived through 9/11 (living on Long Island-NY) and since then I will be honest each time something bad does happen I become a bit more jaded and hardened. I swear what would possess someone to commit such a heinous act is beyond me and yet it has more times then I care to think or remember. Just want to live in a world where peace reigns and would never have to worry about such insanity, but alas this is not the case. So sad and just really not sure what else to do or say to be honest.


  2. Dana @ Kiss My List

    Chilling statistics, Kerri. My daughter told me yesterday that she didn't want to live in the U.S. because everyone hates us. This is the world our kids are growing up in. But I am going to focus, like you said, on the hundreds of good people that speak up, take action, help those who need it. Our kids need to be reminded that so, so many more people are good than evil.


  3. Sylvia

    It's easy to forget that there really are more good people in the world than bad. My kids have been talking about moving to a different country too, but is there really any better and safer place to live?


  4. Kerri Ames

    Sadly moving out of country may not help. Think Scotland, England, the Holocaust,and the middle East.

    Unless we decide to buy a tropical island and shape our own world ….who is in?



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