Today’s 5-minute Friday challenge is “Comfort”. Ready, set, go….

Comfort is having a day that I break, just a bit, and a friend from half-way across the world responds.

Comfort is being so frustrated by the doctors who recommend a therapy for Boo that is not available due to her lack of a diagnosis, and a friend from 8 hours away not only responds immediately to my URGH e-mail but then spends her day finding a way to make it happen.

Comfort is knowing that I am not alone in my struggles.

Comfort is being able to see the light of Boo’s smile as she charms a gangster, who might not have been a ganster.

Comfort is seeing my Boo race to the school bus to see Allie home.

Comfort is my husband knowing I had a bad day, so he disappeared for a while.

Comfort is being afraid and having someone hold my hand.

Comfort is knowing that when it becomes too much to handle, I am allowed to wallow in the land of self-pity if only for a moment.

Comfort is having more awesome days than bad.

Comfort is having my child home with me safe and happy, never knowing that mommy is overwhelmed.

Comfort is having friends get pissed off on my behalf at the unfairness of it all.

Comfort is having those same friends see the beauty that is Boo.

Comfort comes from awareness that all parents feel overwhelmed and want to hide, preferably with alcohol and chocolate.


Today, like most Fridays I really think that Lisa-Jo picks a word that is totally appropriate for my state of mind. I don’t quite know how she does it, but I am happy that her prompts help me work through whatever crap I am going through at the precise moment of time.

Five Minute Friday

13 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Amber

    Beautifully said! It gets overwhelming being a parent of a healthy child so I can't imagine your struggles are easy at all. It sound like you have an amazing support system to lean on though. My prayers for you and your boo!

    On a side note, I love your writing style. We are similar. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a blessed weekend.


  2. Kristi Campbell

    I love this post. It's so well written and honest and real and is absolutely lovely. I'm glad we're not alone in our struggles, too. I'm glad I found you and that we've become true friends. Hugs to you.


  3. icansaymama

    Your post really made me smile and it warmed my heart because it felt so good to know that I comforted you. I am so glad we met and that we became friends. Sorry that I haven't responded to your last mail yet, will hopefully be able to do it tonight!! Huge hugs, my dear!! xoxo



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