5 minutes to Belong

It is time to take 5 minutes and just write without an editor. Ready, Set, Go….


I have long struggled to belong. During the school years I always felt like a misfit. Then after high school I struggled to know where I belonged. Should I go to college and follow the herd or get a job to pay the rent. I chose the job, because well rent has to be paid. Then I struggled with learning how to belong into the adult world.

I have never belonged to my own skin, always wanting to conform to be part of the pack.

When I met David I felt I belonged. I was part of a couple, a team, a family. Then came Allie and I faltered learning how to belong in the world of the mom and the worker. Never really having enough energy for both worlds.

When we had Boo I struggled again to belong. There was no community for an undiagnosed child. Sure there were doctors, therapists and family. But no one who really got it.

Then the world of blog allowed me to belong. I found kinship with other moms who struggle with their children. Allowing me to be Allie’s mom and Boo’s mom. Two different countries but the same world.

Belonging to the world of family has been my saving grace. Belonging, to me, means having purpose. To have similar goals and dreams. I have been blessed with knowing I belong to many worlds. All important, all loved and all supportive.

Belonging doesn’t mean following the pack. It means being secure in yourself so you can share yourself with others.

I have always struggled to belong. I am glad I finally do.


How would you spend 5 minutes to belong?
Five Minute Friday

17 thoughts on “5 minutes to Belong

  1. Considerer

    That's such a gorgeous sentiment, wrapped up in such fragility. You are a brave one to bare your vulnerabilities so easily, and yet, in a way, with this blog, they have become your strengths.

    You truly belong, as we all do, to this wonderful thing called The Blogosphere, where we can meet our kin and find solace. I'm glad you've found yours.


  2. Katia

    Kerri, you gave me goosebumps in the most literal way possible. Strange to read someone else's words about you. As the child of immigrants then an immigrant myself, I've often struggled with defining to myself who I was exactly and with the feeling of belonging. I completely agree with your observation on belonging through blogging and through family. I am SO glad you and I found the peace that comes with it.


  3. Julie Sparks

    Nailed it again, lady! Your whole awesome blog can be summed up with that statement “Belonging doesn't mean following the pack. It means being secure in yourself so you can share yourself with others.” You certainly belong with us other nutty blogging moms!
    (That was supposed to be a compliment although I'm not sure it came out that way!!) 🙂


  4. Kerri Ames

    Oh, Katia. That is so nice to hear. I think there are a lot of us out there. We want to fit in, belong to something but never feel comfortable until it clicks.


  5. icansaymama

    Oh how I love your words! I am so sorry that I had no time to join FMF today but I would have written something very similar! Blogging finally helped me belong, too! And friends like you! xoxoxo


  6. Ceil

    Hi Kerri! I am visiting from FMF.

    I like the idea of being secure in yourself. After all, you have to 'belong' to yourself, as you said. So glad that you have found support in others, because that's why we are here. To help each other out in our communities.

    Happy to 'join' yours!

    Happy Friday!


  7. A Million Other Things: Our Congenital Melanocytic Nevus Journey

    I am so grateful to stumble across your blog. I have often felt like we don't really “belong” anywhere. I think that's why I am starting to blog. To find that place where I can find others who have dealt with the same feelings I have in raising a child who is “different” even if they have different disabilities or issues. My son was born with a very rare skin condition. So that is very lonely in everyday life since no one has it or knows what it is. This on his birth pretty much sums up condition:


    I look forward to reading more of your blog tonight.


  8. K

    “Belonging doesn't mean following the pack. It means being secure in yourself so you can share yourself with others.”

    LOVE THIS. I need this on a poster so I can wake up to it every morning!



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