It is time to take 5-minutes and just write. Off the top of my head, no editing, so second-guessing….ready set go


Imagine life without Boo. I cannot.

Imagine life with a “normal” Boo. I cannot.

Imagine life without Allie, I cannot do that either.

Truthfully I can imagine a life without either of my girls. The life we had before. With my guy, my dog and my tent. It was easy. It was fun.

We would put the tent and dog in the car on Friday afternoon and have no idea where we would end up. We just knew we had to be back by midnight on Sunday.

Too much has changed since then. We don’t travel as much. We don’t have our ‘couple’ time. When Allie arrived things changed. As they do with the first born. We had five years adapting to this new life, just got our rhythm never imagining another child.

Then Boo came and life changed again. Sometimes it changed in ways so overwhelming I want to put my head down and just cry.

But then Boo gives me her belly laugh or and all the difficulties imagined.

Because this is our life and I wouldn’t want to imagine it any other way.


Five Minute Friday

6 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Karrilee Aggett

    Beautiful! We are neighbors at Lisa-Jo's today! Funny how we can imagine a life… but are given one that goes beyond what we even would have asked for! Praying blessings over you and your family!


  2. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    i don't know about anyone else, but i love clicking over to your blog and the first thing i see is boo's beautiful little smile and those amazing curls! it just fills me with happy.

    it's really weird to contemplate life without your kids. i never thought i'd grow up to be a stay at home mom, especially where the DD comes in to play, but i guess it was fate.



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