Life is freaking hard

I’ve always been a working mom. It has been too easy to escape to work everyday. With Allie I could not wait for my maternity leave to end. Let’s face it, home with a newborn is kind of boring.

Then I had Boo and needed the routine of the office. Some place that I made decisions but not ones that would cause pain to my child. I looked forward to going to work and getting away from having a baby vomit on me.

Plus, being able to pay the mortgage is a wicked perk.

The hardest decision I’ve had to make is every morning going to work. Yes, the girls are in school. Allie in 4th grade and Boo in pre-school/SPED program. I don’t want to take them out of their programs, but I wish I had more opportunity to be there before and after school.

Instead I rush home from work. To therapy with Boo or Homework with Allie. Have I mentioned how much I despise homework?

One of these days, I swear I will find the balance between bills and home life. I hope it is before the girls no longer need me home.

And that is how I finished the sentence, the hardest choice I ever made was…

What is the hardest decision you have made lately?

Finish the Sentence Friday
And in case you forgot, and really how could you! I am taking the challenge of 31 for 21! 

12 thoughts on “Life is freaking hard

  1. Janine Huldie

    So with you on hating homework (as you knew) and only just beginning for me. And even being home sometimes, I feel like I am not here enough mentally if that makes sense. But I do remember when I went back to work after having Emma to teach how guilty I felt that I was never home all day and taking time away from her that I should have been spending with her. I think we all have our levels of guilt and that said trust me you totally aren't alone on this. Thanks for sharing and linking up Kerri!


  2. Rich Rumple

    It's got to be difficult for you to leave each morning as you do need more time with the girls. I no longer have kids at home and I hate leaving. The one year I took off from work and stayed home writing was one of the best years of my life. Not profitable, but super enjoyable. Hang in there!


  3. Kristi Campbell

    Hey when you find that balance between bills and home life, will you share it with me? Because at this point, I'm convinced that balance is completely impossible. Like utterly and totally impossible.
    NOT looking forward to the homework years..


  4. Dana Hemelt

    You are right, homework completely sucks. I despise it and I don't work – I feel like I use the time when the kids are in school to prepare myself for an afternoon and evening of homework. Gwen's been up until midnight every day this week doing it. Ugh!


  5. Chris Coyle

    There should be some sort of buddy system where instead of an income (or more often a second income) getting sucked up by child-care costs, you would be matched up to partner and “time-share” your job/kid with another working parent. That way, you could work shorter hours, leaving you more time with your own kid(s), and you wouldn't need the income from as many hours because you're not paying a daycare. 🙂


  6. Michelle

    I'm also with you on the homework … dread it! I'm fortunate, and realize this, to be able to stay home. Although sometimes I really miss working outside of the home! But there are days I feel so stressed and running around from here to there and then I wonder how in the world would I do it if I was working full-time, even though knowing full well there are working moms who do do it.
    The hardest decisions I've made lately have had to do with school decisions for my daughter; so stressful trying to figure that all out.


  7. icansaymama

    I hear you. When I worked I found the balance was hard to find. Now I am looking for a job because I would love to work again but I know that when I do I sometimes wish I wouldn't. The grass is always greener on the other side!



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