It’s a spiritual thing

Even though it is a little early, Jen has instructed her team of DJ’s to create a Twisted Mix Tape to celebrate Halloween.

First up, of course is Michael Jackson in Thriller.

Slowing it down a bit we visit the Ghost of Patrick Swayze. I fell in love with Patrick when he was in the Outsiders. The only Curtis with a normal name. Yep, I’m old but that has been established. But Ghost? Man that dude could spin a wheel.

Of course what is Halloween without the Monster Mash? Vincent Price he was the man of the Spirits.

Then there is the always reliable Ghost Busters. That was full of spirits.

Last but certainly not least, I recommend a little AC/DC to round out your list of spirits. Because once Jen realizes I completely messed with her touchy-feely Spiritual quest with a bunch of Spirits I will probably be on the Highway to Hell.

Yes, the rule was actually: Songs that are SPIRITUAL in some way. Since my songs contained spirits she cannot be mad. Right? Right, Jen?

PS–Suck-up Bonus points:  The Outsider’s character that Patrick Swayze played was Darrel Curtis big brother to Soda Pop and Pony Boy.  I remember reading the book WAY before the movie. I think I fell in love with all of the boys that were so bad they were good.

5 thoughts on “It’s a spiritual thing

  1. Christine

    Hahaha! Nice spin. 🙂
    Awesome songs to get me jumping today.
    I could not be happier that my kids read The Outsiders in school. Once the four big kids get through 7th grade, we'll watch it together. (One more year!)


  2. Kristi Campbell

    I almost used The Outsiders (the Band, not the movie, but still, great minds think alike) when I thought I'd had more time and was going to include music from the 80's!! And wait. We were supposed to talk about Halloween today? Did I miss that or did you do the wrong theme again?


  3. Dana Hemelt

    Now I know why you feel guilty – but don't! I love your take on the theme; it's very clever and a nice break from the heavier spiritual songs. The Outsiders…loved the book, loved the movie. Stay gold, Kerri.


  4. Considerer

    Very cool. And LOVING the monster mash, cos I can't help thinking back to that e-card *giggling*

    Unchained Melody is a li'l bit spiritual in both senses though, right? 😀 Great list.



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