Not everything needs a tag line

Dear Chicago Tribune,

I am not a resident of your city and in fact have only visited Chicago once in my life. But I am requesting on behalf of the parents in your community to redefine the newest tax approach for Kane County.

The premise is nice, from my reading, the intent is to increase property taxes in Kane County, IL to create funds to support individuals with developmental disabilities. As a mother of a child with special needs I usually support anything that will assist my child receive the services she desperately needs.

But to call it a disability tax?

How about calling it a social service tax? Or Community Building tax? Or even help thy neighbor tax? 

The services provided would include: education, therapy, training and other services to allow those with developmental disabilities the opportunity for independent living. These same individuals with your county’s support would then become a part of your working community.

As a home owner from Massachusetts, I agree taxes are out of control. After all, we are number 6 in the US for highest residential property tax rate.

I do not wish my child’s disability to be a ‘ tax burden’ on anyone. And I agree with the opponents who say that the tax code need to be redrawn and that the federal and state support should be better mandated.  However, I am thankful that she is a ‘social burden’ as she enriches everyone’s life she comes into contact. In some ways, I think this is a great idea. Instead of raising your taxes and you not really knowing where the money is being spent, you will see your tax dollars at work. The median household would be spending just $55 a year to impact lives in a meaningful way.

How incredible.

According to the article in the Tribune, Kane County has almost 16,000 residents whom this tax would benefit. I hope it does pass and is used as it is intended and not mired in the bureaucracy that seems to overtake good intentions.

I commend Kane County for taking a proactive approach to inclusion and support. I think it is beyond wonderful that you saw a need for your residents and are doing your very best to enrich their lives.

I just really wish you would think of a different tag line.

3 thoughts on “Not everything needs a tag line

  1. icansaymama

    I think the idea behind this tax is really a good one. However, I totally agree with you that the name for it is not well chosen. I hope they come up with something different.



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