I’ve written before about Boo’s wandering. It started about as soon as she came off the walker. If she is outside you blink and she has eloped. It is beyond scary to know your child will wander off and not realize she is unsafe. I even had a bright idea and e-mailed NIKE about putting a chip in children’s shoes.

They refuse, on principal, to take unsolicited advice.

So I remained scared and worried. A lot of my fear is due to Boo’s lack of verbal skills. Then a police officer friend told us about Safety Net by LoJack.

Let me state right here, I am not being paid nor has LoJack asked me for any type of endorsement. They have no idea I am even writing this post.

Safety Net is a bracelet Boo wears. It has a rocking purple strap and about the size of a watch. Okay, it is a tad big on her….but she is a petite little thing! She wears the bracelet 24/7. If she wanders we alert 911 and provide her name. Our local department has her signal ID. If we travel we let LoJack know our destination and they will alert authorities that we will be in there area.

Unlike cell phone and GPS signals, LoJack uses a radio transmitter that can be used in any condition and locale. Since we like the mountains, we were relieved. Her bracelet is waterproof. She can use it in the bath, the pool and the ocean. And if we can convince her the sand.

It is expensive, $400 for the first year. We asked our families to contribute. We let them know what we were doing and asked that instead of getting her a birthday/Christmas present this year they take whatever money they normally would have spent and put it towards her safety.

All responded with generosity. They understand that Boo doesn’t “play” and doesn’t need material things…but she does need to remain safe. While her bracelet will not stop her from eloping, it will help us locate her with a great chance of finding her alive.

The system arrived within a day. We put it on Boo. She did NOT like us putting it on. But now that it is securely on, she has been showing off her “bracelet” to everyone she comes into contact with. She has slept, bathed, done crafts (with grandma I was banned by Abby) and gone to school with it.

She has been wearing the “bracelet” about a week. She has asked for it to be “off” once and a while but for the most part has realized it is staying put! 

If you see Boo around town make sure you ask her to show her new rocking accessory.

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  1. icansaymama

    That's a brilliant system! I do not think we have something similar here but it makes so much sense! Also: great that she accepts to wear it. Sunny does not like his bracelet with our telephone number on it.


  2. Julie

    Her new “accessory” is wonderful! And purple is definitely her color. I will make sure and ask her about it when I see her 🙂 Also, love that everyone has chipped in with this fantastic “present” for Boo!


  3. Becca

    I know a few people with those bracelets for their kids. It's a brilliant idea, and I'm so glad it can alleviate some of the fears parents of kids with intellectual disabilities have! I've learned that often the wandering isn't *just* to wander…it's something the person *wants* or a place, specifically, that they want to go. Oftentimes, as communication develops and increases, that need to “wander” is reduced. I hope she outgrows it eventually! 🙂


  4. Rich Rumple

    That's really a great idea! Sounds even better than Nike's refusal of the chip. Now, I'm thinking of the future when humans will have chips implanted under the skin for identification purposes. Or, is that already being done … secretly? 🙂 Seriously, I know you can sleep better now knowing Boo's not going to let her curious mind get her lost from you all for long. Thumbs Up!



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