This one is for Jen Kehl

My bloggy-friend Jen has had a pretty bad month or two. So Jen this tape is for you.

I hate when you know some one is down and looking for answers. But I applaud them for looking and to not give up knowing the answer will be there as long as you take a moment to listen.

I’m sorry but you cannot listen to Bon Jovi and not feel a twinge. Yes, he is just here for eye candy.

I’m including this next song because I believe while it may be down pouring like hell on your house right now you know at some day there will be no more cloudy days.

Sir Elton says it best, my friend, how wonderful life is while you are in the world. 

Last but not least a little Jimmy. Cause you cannot be down when Jimmy is around.

Jen I hope February treats you better than December and January!!!  

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