This post is part of Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays. Where you take 5 minutes and just write. No editing, no second guessing, no censoring. Ready, set, go…


I sometimes feel so small as a mom. It doesn’t help that I am petite. But I feel small when I do not have the answers. When I wonder am I handling this discipline issue the right way. When I look at how my children love me and feel so small and unworthy of their praise.

I feel small when I think about all of Boo’s varying issues and science doesn’t have the answers. I feel small when it seems the next step is to high for me to reach.

I feel overwhelmed and so small and so inadequate as a parent on days when I cannot figure out the math homework. When I do not keep the house as neat as I should. When I am at work and the girls are on school vacation. When I make cheese, crackers and fruit dinner because I just cannot face cooking one more meal.

But then I look at my girls sleeping and my heart instead of being to small grows 10 times too big as it explodes with love for these two little girls who have changed my life in ways I never imagined.

I grow larger than my height when I realize how these two little girls have changed me. How I am more vocal, more confident, more than I ever dreamed motherhood would be.

I no longer feel small.


  Five Minute Friday

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