The decision

It wasn’t easy….I am sure we will rethink this decision over and over again. We had no choice, really. We thought that we would decide in May if Boo would transition to Kindergarten. But the deadline was mid-March.

Boo has been in this integrated preschool since she was three years old. We love her teachers. And when I say love I do not mean the way you love chocolate but the way you love your God. They have been patient, kind, loving and words cannot explain the feelings we have for them. They have guided us, provided ideas and shown up when we needed them. 

I was afraid to leave them for kindergarten. Their security. Their understanding of Boo. Their acceptance of my limitations. They understand that Abby does Boo’s homework. They get that I cannot handle field trips. Or that work interferes with Nursery Rhyme day.

That her dad will show up in his hunting regalia.

Kindergarten? That is a huge step for us. We want Boo to transition with her peers. This is the first year she has been invited to birthday parties. She has always been accepted, don’t misunderstand, by her peers. But this was the first year she was came home telling me she played with someone other than her therapist.

I want her to go forward. To transition. To be normal. Freaking normal going to kindergarten on schedule. To have gym and art and library. To have lunch in cafeteria. To be with her age-peers.

But she isn’t ready. I know it. I swear I know it. But…

She is being left behind. Again. Only two classmate of hers will be there in the fall. And, no offense, they are boys. They are not little girls who understand the importance of Princess Sophia. We will have to begin again with the parents who know Boo. Who do not get that she is petite and 2 years older than their child.

There are only upsides to Boo being left behind. She will have more time to learn her colors, numbers and letters. She know the routine and is comfortable. Her teachers encourage her growth in all areas. It is more just me realizing that, once again, Boo isn’t ready to move forward. 

I spoke with her pre-K teacher who told me that Boo will be with her until she retires.

I’m kind of okay with that. Because who wouldn’t want their child to be with the teacher who loves and nurtures them? 

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