The Box

It started innocently enough. We took Boo to see Frozen. Not once, but twice. She fell in love with the music, the movie and Elsa. When it was available on ITUNES we downloaded the soundtrack and the movie.

We now are banned from listening to anything in the car except for the Frozen soundtrack. A what was I thinking moment. At least the music is enjoyable.

At Easter, like most parents I tried in vain to obtain the precious Elsa doll. I tried everywhere without success. This weekend I happened to be in a big-box store to pick up things for Abby’s school project. Like a fool I went to the toy aisle where what before my eyes do appear:

SCORE!!! I immediately place it in the carriage, Boo steals the almost paid for Elsa doll:

Proud mommy moment. She loves it, she is going to play with it. Right? We get home and she refuses to let me take it out of the box. When I finally convince her that the doll is supposed to come out and be played with she freaks. Refuses to have anything to do with the doll. But the box? 

The box is to be treasured. She takes the box into her room and gives it the spot of honor:

Are you freaking kidding me???? I could have sold the doll on E-bay and paid for my retirement but you want the box? Abby tried for the rest of the afternoon to get Boo to play with the doll.

I was thinking to myself how do I explain to David that I just spent $25 on a box? But I was saved at bedtime, when I was putting Boo to bed and she refused to go without ….

The box? Yes, that is still in her room. But she slept with Elsa, I’m counting that as a win.

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