When did that happen?

Last weekend I went to a bridal shower. The bride to be is gorgeous, happy and in love. Her groom to be is perfect for her. Together they make the perfect team. Yet as I sat at the shower I realized something.

Something that had nothing to do with love or weddings or the cake.

It occurred to me sitting there that I was not, technically (she might disagree) a “friend of the bride”. 

I was a friend of the (gasp) mother of the bride

When did this happen? When did I become that person, the friend of the parent and not the friend of the bride/groom?

More importantly, when did this little girl I have known since she was in diapers become a woman?

It is true that in a blink of an eye your child goes from crawling to driving the family car. When it is a friend’s child it is even faster. We do not see their milestones, their tantrums, their growth. 

You see them around town. You go to their birthday parties and vacation with them. You see them off to college and graduate. 

Then you see them meet their love and wonder…

How the hell did time pass so swiftly that I became the friend of the mother of the bride?

5 thoughts on “When did that happen?

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Hey what happened to my comment? Cyberspace ate it. SO um, yeah, I get it. My husband's daughter is 20. Any time really, I will have to prepare for being the step-mother of the bride. I hope she waits to get married. For a long time.



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