Sorry I don’t have a process.

My first ever for-real blogging friend Kristi recently tagged me in a post for me to explain my writing process. I thought it was cool she thought I had one. Kristi is not even in the same stratosphere that I am in when it comes to the blogging world. But she pretends even though she started blogging three months after me and then became wicked famous we are on the same planet.

Kristi is the mom of Tucker, a quirky artist, the founder of Our Land (which I get credit for telling her to go for it) and the person most likely to be sitting next to you in jail after a Billy Idol concert. 

Okay here are the questions I am supposed to answer. 

1. What am I working on? Well I was working on trying to do the Twisted Mix Tapes correctly for my friend Jen Kehl. But then she got retired the series. I hope it wasn’t my fault. It was either that I messed them up for finally got them right. Either way I have some Catholic Guilt going on about the end of the series.

Seriously though, I am working on making the What’s Your Challenge series a phenomenon online and in real life. I love that people are being so open with how we are all so freaking similar in our struggles. That all of us have a challenge (or two). But that our Challenge doesn’t define who we are deep inside. I hope it makes someone stop for just a moment and instead of assuming or judging they stop and say, “how can I help”.

2. How does my work differ from others of it’s genre? Truthfully it doesn’t. I think all bloggers share a commonality. We blog about families, for example. Even blogs dedicated to special needs have a common focus. For my blog I think it is a mix. I try to educate via the Challenge. I try to show that there is both heartbreak and joy in parenting Boo. I didn’t start my blog to share about Abby. But she is just too hysterical not to share. I also try to show that you can survive anything with a little bit of humor.

Most importantly I try to use my blog to show that you are never alone. You just have to find your village. Through this process my village has grown to be a small town of support. 

So I think my work differs because it isn’t about one thing. My blog doesn’t fit a niche. Instead I just share the everyday moments that make up our life with Boo. 

3. Why do I write what I do? I can’t help myself. That is the honest answer. David always says I have no filter. That carries over to my writing. I feel like I have to write. To show people that Boo is not just a child with special needs. That Abby is not just the perfect big sister but that she also comes by her sense of being sarcasm naturally. 

But more, that it is okay to break now and again. That it is okay to say this sucks sometimes. That when your child goes five years without a diagnosis and then some doctor says they think she is autistic it is okay to flounder. I believe so many warrior moms think they always have to be strong. I write to show them yes be strong, but also break and lean on others. 

I also write because David and the girls give me so much material. I mean really, how many moms can write about the time their husband who swore the math problem was a trick question? 

4. How does your writing process work? Okay, still cracking up that Kristi thinks I have a process. 

I seriously do not have one. There are just moments that resonate that I have to share. If the post is controversial I will usually send it to Kristi with a “should I” or “would you” hit publish? If it is a post I think will make my mom cry I send it to Tia first with the same question. 

I do not do a lot of editing. What you read is exactly how a conversation would go if we met in public. I want my blog to be authentic. To be me. If you saw me in the supermarket we could begin a conversation without awkwardness. There are some posts that I write in my head first. Then I get in front of the keyboard and BAM. It’s either great or not.


And now it is time for me to give a shout out and tag my fellow bloggers to ask them about their process. I’m totally cheating and stealing Kristi’s questions. 

First up is my friend K from Transcending CP. K is beyond awesome. She is one of the reasons I started the Challenge program at Abby’s school. K is a college student who enjoys fried clams and making my heart grow ten times to big by reading her blog. If you ever feel that life might be unfair but it something worth living this is the one blog you should read.  

Next up is Kate from Another Clean Slate. One day I asked Kate to run a Mullet race. She ran but refused the mullet. Funny thing is she still talks to me! Kate is like me. Kind of an open book, which we both love to read. She is a super cool urban professional and writes about everything life is: wine, books, food and fun.

Last up at bat because they are hitting a home run is my boyo Isaiah at Isaiah Dot Com only because I have to know how he comes up with the way that makes his mom reply there is no maggot season. I cannot wait to see how he replies to some of the questions. He can think of it as summer homeschooling for kids of bloggers.


And that is is. That is my writing process which means there isn’t one. With a few tags in the mix to keep the game going. Thanks, Kristi for being my go-to girl. 

9 thoughts on “Sorry I don’t have a process.

  1. Kristi Campbell

    You crack me up and I can't wait to have some of these conversations in person. I love that you're so open about your family in all of the hilarity and the hope and the sometimes breaking because that's what's real. You're doing amazing things with the What's Your Challenge series and I absolutely love it. As soon as I get caught up from travel at work and stuff, I will definitely write one because duh, I have a lot of challenges.
    Here's to being without a niche because it's a yucky sounding word anyway (like moist) and I don't have one either. I also don't have a writing process. Last night, it consisted of typing a few ideas, going to bed, getting up to write down what I thought was an awesome idea, and then this morning seeing it and being like “HUH? That was dumb.” Anyway, thanks for playing the game and yay to the awesome people you tagged and you're brilliant for including Isaiah! 🙂

    HAHA to being in jail after a Billy Idol concert! And dude. Um, famous? *SNORT*


  2. Dana @ Kiss my List

    Tagging Isaiah was brilliant! I'm glad to hear you don't have a process, because I feel the same way. I also was tagged so long ago and never did it – ugh. I do love your realness – I know that when I finally meet you in person you will be the same awesome woman whose words I read right here.



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