Dear Candidates

It is the month of the robo-call and campaign commericals. The calls that come right when we are eating dinner, bath time and bedtime. Let’s not forget the calls that come right after the girls have gone to bed and it is now time for me to relax (or do laundry). I’m a voter. I get the importance of using your vote in an attempt to change the world.

I do not need a zillion phone calls that are prerecorded to tell me why their opponent is not as wonderful as they are. I do not need to see endless commercials smearing the opponents reputation, family and values. Unless they are a serial killer, than yes call me and tell me how horrible they are.

Dear Candidate,

I would like to thank you for wanting to serve in Office to better our community. Too many of us sit at home and complain rather than take the steps you are attempting. I once ran for Town Selectman and while I failed, I now appreciate how difficult it is to get elected. You must meet with every constituent, appeal to those who have similar goals and find common ground with those who oppose your ideals.  May I offer you advice?

Stay true to your ideals while keeping an open mind to those who disagree. Both sides of the issue have the best intentions (I hope) to solve the debate with the most equitable solution. Equitable to the community, not to your/their betterment.

In trying to elicit my vote do not tell me why your opponent is weak or how their reputation is tarnished. Instead inform me how you are strong. What your ideals are. What you will do for those you serve. How I, and other citizens, can hold you accountable throughout your tenure and not at the next election.

I do not need to know that you love your wife. I assume you love your family.  Instead tell me how you excelled in your profession. How you stand out, what direct impact you had on the business. Inform me what changes you would like to make and what you will need to accomplish your goals.

I do not need to agree with your goals, but I do need to understand them.

Tell me how you have worked with people who disagreed with you in the past. Inform me how you will collaborate with those in your party and those in the opposing. Let me know how you will look at all sides of the issue and not the side your party would like promoted.

Instead of having a prerecorded message, call me. Knock on my door. Let me ask you (or your supporter) the tough questions and hear your answers. I want to know if you are aware you are spending my money on projects and not your own. That your salary is funded by our hard-earned tax dollars and we are your boss.

That you are accountable for your actions, your votes, your inactions and how you represent us. All of us. Those who agree with you and those who do not. Especially those who do not. Treat them with respect and you have my vote.

You will find that not one single vote on a single issue defines a candidate. How they carry themselves in office and on the campaign trail does.

A concerned voter

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14 thoughts on “Dear Candidates

    1. firebailey Post author

      Thanks, Emily. Thankfully with caller ID we can just ignore them for the most part. It is just completely annoying to me when I think of the amount of money candidates waste on getting elected. It is no wonder why they run the budget into the ground every year


  1. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I have been getting like 5-6 emails a DAY every day!!! UGH! Asking for money. Dudes, I gave you some and that’s all you’re getting. So so annoying. I don’t think they have my phone number though (phew) because I’m not getting those calls. The whole thing is a mess. Was talking to a dad at the playground tonight who films the political commercials. He was saying that it’s just awful. Like they’ll (both sides) ask how to make the other guy look bad. Gross. Give us what you believe in and then follow through!!


    1. firebailey Post author

      Emails are so much easier to ignore. We were talking about those push polls the other night. How if you press “1” you get a different survey yet no matter what survey you do it ends up telling you why the other candidate sucks.


  2. Autism Mom

    I have stopped answering the phone or I answer it and set it on the table and then the robo call, or sometimes real person, can listen to me make dinner. Funny, they go away after a couple of minutes, can’t imagine why …


  3. lookingforbluesky

    In Ireland aspiring politicians do go around the doors so you can give them a piece of your mind. To me, a pre-recorded message does not suggest a great deal of respect for voters, I would not vote for anyone who did that!



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