We partied like it was 1989

Okay, not really.

But I did learn you can go home again and enjoy the experience. Last weekend was my 25th High School Reunion. The only reunion I have ever attended. I was so nervous yet excited at the same time.

Mostly because it meant I got to have Margarita’s with my best friend and not have a child on my lap.

Here are the top three things I learned at the reunion:

  1. Women age much better than the men (seriously, where did all their hair go?)
  2. It is almost impossible to dance to music from the 80’s and not crack up at yourself
  3. The friends you haven’t seen in 25+ years are still the only people you want to talk to in a crowded room.

I thought of the agony 5th grade friendship politics has inflicted on Abby. How she agonizes over friends asking her to choose between them, how to fit in and how to navigate life with those that are different from you.

I was surprised at the reunion that Lisa & I were one of the few who remained BFFs. That while most were Facebook friends (acquaintances?) or cordial if they saw one another around town, for the most part the school connection was lost. The friendships we agonized over were no longer there. It was bittersweet to see former friends who were oh so important had been lost and found.

I am beyond lucky that Lisa has stood by these 25 years and the moments that matter have never been lost.


Oh and the pre-reunion Margarita was quite delicious!

6 thoughts on “We partied like it was 1989

  1. Janine Huldie

    The hair comment totally made me smile, as I have seen a few of the guys I have graduated with on Facebook recently and I still am not sure what happened to their hair, but still thankfull even if I have a few grays that I do have my hair! And yay to a great time and margarita, too 🙂


  2. Allie

    Oh, that sounds like fun! We didn’t have a 25th, which was disappointing. I missed the 20th – I was having a baby! So I guess that means the thirtieth (gulp) will be next.


  3. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I was wondering how it was! So glad you had fun and you know it’s so so true. The people we agonize over in high school? Who knows why now! I have never been to one of my reunions. Maybe I should go to one? Or not… part of me just doesn’t care. Then again, I don’t have my own Lisa.


  4. Emily

    You are so right about the women aging better than the men…BUT, then it all seems to turn around at your 30th. I went to my 30th reunion last year (yeah I’m friggin’ old) and you could see the women were trying REALLY hard to not look their age, while the men seemed to age more gracefully, despite some of them still being bald.:) I too was very hesitant to go to my 30th, but ended up having a great time. I think when so much time passes, there is a lot less pressure to find out what people are doing, how many kids they have, whether they are (still) married, etc. Once you get to 25 and 30 year reunions, no one cares as much about that stuff and it’s just fun to see everyone again. You and your BFF look adorable btw. 🙂


  5. tamaralikecamera

    I’m so glad you went! And learned a lot!
    I have yet to make it to a reunion but I know I will for the next one. And seriously.. the hair. Where does it all go? I think it was fading away by the end of college for some!



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