TBT–Boo rocks

Thank you for joining me for Throwback Thursday, Blog style. This post is so dear to my heart as well…Bridget rocked. It was originally published on 30-APR-2013. Rereading it I cannot get over how far she has come since this was first posted.

Boo started talking almost six-months ago. It was a hard-fought war, she started speech therapy way before she was two years old. Boo started with sign, PECS was beyond ineffective and the IPAD never worked for speech (but ask her to find Austin & Allie on it and look how fast she can navigate).

Boo started with a few words (Allie was her first). And, sadly, I didn’t notice her progress. I mean I know she is doing great and she is saying a lot more words without always needing a translater. But it wasn’t until last week when we went to neurology and Boo said a FOUR WORD PHRASE. Yes, it was “I want cookie please”. But it was four words, strung together, in a freaking phrase with intention! (Proud momma moment)

Of course her phrases are memorized (I want, help me, give me) but she is beginning to add more words rather than signs/gestures. This beautiful girl of mine who a year ago only had a handful of words has almost 100 now.

This is of course, thanks to her awesome school program and therapists. I am just so grateful for them never giving up on our girl.

Because Boo said a 4-word phrase and she rocks!

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