Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I know you have a very tough job. There are four seasons you must control. People complain all the time. March is to raw, April to rainy. My sinuses! It’s too hot. My hair, it’s too humid. The snow. I get it. Being a mother is a thankless job. As a mother myself I understand how hard it is to remain chipper with all the whining. 

It’s like when I make dinner and the family says, chicken again? Or even worse, I don’t like it. I want to reply, next time you cook and I will complain about it. So I understand that you must be tired of the complaints, the ungrateful people who didn’t appreciate August’s sunshine and are now complaining that there is three freaking feet of snow on the ground.

I understand your frustration. Really I do. The people who do not appreciate that they don’t have to mow the lawn or better yet pull up the weeds in the flower bed. You have thoughtfully blanketed them with frozen snow. Normally I would be with you in the solidarity of motherhood. I am thankful that you worked so hard covering up my dead daisies (I swear, I was going to pull them…eventually). I’m very appreciative of your hard work. Abby has enjoyed sledding and making snow forts in the front yard. She and Bailey have been having the best time this winter.


For reference, that is a 4ft high plant hanger that the snow is higher than.

But….well….you see…..

Bridget really hates snow. When I say hate I do not mean she doesn’t like your winter wonderland. I mean it sends her into a full blown panic attack where she cannot leave the house.

This is not like her aversion to sand. Living on an island she has to get used to sand. It’s everywhere. But living on an island usually you bring snow and it is gone the next day. Except it’s been over a month and not to join the chorus of ungrateful people driving you crazy. I have had to put a redneck curtain (aka blanket held up with thumbtacks) over my slider to block the sight of the backyard. Bridget couldn’t eat at the kitchen table looking at the snow covering her playground.

Bridget made great strides last year. Walking on the grass and the sand. We would like to keep her moving forward. So from one mother to another please….

I am begging you to turn off the snow machine so Bridget can play outside.  I promise I will punch the first person who complains about the humidity in the nose for you.

Best regards,

10 thoughts on “Dear Mother Nature

  1. Eli Pacheco

    What mother could resist that plea? Here’s hoping for a quick and thorough melt. Then again, maybe Mother Nature will intervene in other beautiful ways we haven’t even considered.


  2. thelatchkeymom

    Oh my, I want to sweep her into my arms and squeeze her – and then blow out all my hot air to make the snow melt away! Praying to the God of sun for you my friend.


  3. Autism Mom

    Oh, what we would do for half your snow to ease our drought. Mother Nature, there are folks willing to take that snow if you could just move it a bit…

    Poor sweet Bridget. I hope the melt happens soon.


  4. K

    Aww, poor Bridget 😦 I’m with you both in wishing away the snow — and I will wish even harder now that I know about Bridget’s aversion to it! Who knows, maybe your request will do the trick and we’ll finally get some warmer weather! Fingers crossed!


  5. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    So Tucker actually loves the snow but it’s this disgusting ice pile now and I just realized I might complain about the humidity in the summer… crap. I so so hope it melts for you and sweet Bridget soon!


  6. Lesley

    A little different here but same result. My daughter is severely disabled, so due to the snow/icy driveway, I cannot safely carry her to the car. So it’s safe to say she hasn’t been out of the house for about 6 weeks 😦



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