If we were having a glass of wine

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that my leg freaking hurts. Training for the half-marathon is tougher than I ever expected. Running this weekend for my “long” run of 11 miles I was feeling great. I had remembered to fuel properly and as the miles went by I was amazed how much the training had paid off.  Until mile 10.5 when all of a sudden a pain in my leg forced me to stop and walk the rest of the way home.  It is getting better but my confidence is shaken.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you my child might not survive her teenage years.  I am tired of the eye roll, the sigh and the fact that because I said so is no longer a valid end to an argument.  She is lucky she is cute.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you that Bridget managed a visit to Children’s without hitting any alarms.  It was close. In the elevator I thought we were safe until I heard: BLUE SPARKLE BUTTON. I quickly grabbed her arm before the touch happened.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that work has been stressful but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope it isn’t my older daughter driving the train towards me in revenge.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that her father might be helping her drive that train. He is currently plotting revenge for being made to take her shopping before going to a birthday party. Sadly this mother remembered the birthday party but not the present.  Since I was at work it fell to him to do the shopping on the way to the party.  They both survived the experience and I’m currently preparing my wife and mom of the year speech now.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that Bridget continues to crack up her school teacher.  When she asked who had a dad and everyone raised their hand but Bridget, she told  Bridget you have a dad.  Her response was classic: She stood up, spread her arms out and said WHAT? Like no one ever told her she had a dad. I was laughing when I told David he was obviously working too much.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you life has been more good than bad lately and I would want to know how your week was…


7 thoughts on “If we were having a glass of wine

  1. Julie Heyer

    What a great post Kerri, I am so glad your life is more good than bad 🙂 My week has been super creative and messy with artwork. I know you can not relate… LOL Hope we can have a glass of wine together and talk for real soon 🙂


  2. christine

    I can totally picture the dad episode at school. The teacher had to be rolling.
    I just want to slap the eyeballs right out of my teens’ heads sometimes. Fortunately for them, I have some self-control. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your leg. I hope it was just a fluke and you’re right as rain next time you go out for a run.


  3. lrconsiderer

    Bridget is hilarious. I can imagine that happening and I bet the whole class laughed.

    Sorry about your leg. Just take it really easy. I’m here with my knee twinging, reminding me of that one time two years ago that I over-did it, and haven’t been able to run for very long ever since. Be really. Really. Really. careful.

    Glad your week was more good than bad. Mine was challenging in many ways, but I am determined to get more sleep, so there’s that. It should help matters.


  4. Autism Mom

    “BLUE SPARKLE BUTTON” – Three short words that say so much, lol!

    If were were having wine I would be alternately whining about the inconvenient discomforts of menopause while expressing gratitude for all I have at my age, and generally coming across as incoherent! 🙂



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