The great gift debate

“What can I get Bridget for her birthday? (or insert a holiday here)” is one of the most dreaded questions of the season for me. I could give a list a mile long for her sister, from the inexpensive barrette to the pony. Bridget stumps me.

Having a child who has special needs means that they have special gift requests. That toy of the moment? A toy that most likely will be inappropriate for my child. That toy geared to her physical age? That toy will be donated to a local shelter as I cannot stand to watch it collect dust — a reminder that my child is unable to play with it. That toy marketed towards Bridget’s developmental age? Even that is a quandary, as in one skill Bridget might be a 2-year-old and in another she is a 4-year-old.

For those of you shopping for a family member, loved one or friend that has special needs, I have developed the perfect gift list for you:

Please check out my post on SheKnows Media:

Gifts Children With Special Needs Will Adore

3 thoughts on “The great gift debate

  1. Katie

    Most of your suggestions aren’t presents for a special needs kid – they’re for that kid’s PARENTS!

    I’ve a hard time believing B enjoys co-pays. Or sees mats for therapy as toys in the conventional sense.


  2. freebutfun

    That is an amazing list, and I think there are many ideas suitable for everyone. Some time spent together bowling may be a lot more worth than a toy that is played with alone for a while!


  3. Eli Pacheco

    That is a great list. I wish we all gifted more consciously – rather than pick out A and B from the store and wrap it, how about checking with the kid/parents to see what they really want? You can’t find most of this at a Target doorbuster.



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