About the outfit

This is not a good look for Bridget.



Until you realize that it is a phenomenal look for Bridget.

It happened innocently enough. There was a blizzard and we were having a pajama/relaxed day. Bridget comes up to me and says:

I need a sweatshirt.

Holy crap, she used a sentence and relayed to me what she wanted!

Me: Are you cold?
Bridget: I chilly (hugs herself)

Holy crap, she answered my question and used body language to make sure I understood what she said to me.

Me: Okay, let’s go get you a sweatshirt
Bridget: I want Daddy sweatshirt
Me: Here you go (picking out a sweatshirt that matched her sweatpants)
Bridget: No, Daddy sweatshirt
And then picks out a sweatshirt just like her father’s fire department one.

HOLY CRAP! She told me what she wanted, she demonstrated that she was cold and she made a choice.

It’s the trifecta of language, people!

Okay that milestone might not be anywhere in the normal world. But in ours? It is a celebration of language.

Just not a celebration of fashion.

Unless you are Bridget. Then it doesn’t matter what you wear, because you owned that look.  You just won’t wear it to school!

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