Happiness is

I saw this meme on Facebook the other day:



It gave me an AHA moment.  I get teased a lot for my determination to look on the bright side of life, rather than focusing on the dark. Yet I truly believe that happiness is something you can create or destroy.  Not just for yourself, but for others.

I destroy Abby’s happiness when I bring her to a birthday party the week before the actual event. I create her happiness when I remember to buy a gift, wrap it and have her arrive on time.

I destroy David’s happiness when I’m too tired to be a wife. I create his happiness when I make him homemade cookies. (What did you think I was going to say?)

I destroy Bridget’s happiness when I do not understand what she is trying to tell me. I create her happiness when I figure out that she wants animal crackers.

I destroy my own happiness when I focus on the dark and despair of having a child with a rare syndrome. I create my own happiness when I surround myself with friends who understand and parents who are going through the same thing.

One morning another PACS1 parent was having a difficult day. Immediately the other parents were there to not only allow her to vent, but to encourage and support her. We created happiness if only for a moment.

I have had more than a moment where I despaired. Times where I have railed against God and Harvard. Yet for every one of those moments, I have had a thousand more that created happiness.

Today my mantra will be: Create Happiness

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