When did I blink?

“Mom, when can I sit in the front seat?” said my child who is still small enough to use a booster seat but old enough that she wants to be the tween.

I remember the first time I had to place her in a car seat. How it took us three hours to figure out how even install the thing. I remember when we would keep her strapped into the car carrier while we grocery shopped.  How I didn’t know how to put the car carrier on the grocery cart, so I put it inside and piled up the groceries around it. (Least expensive shopping trip ever). 

I remember how when we moved her from backwards facing to front. The joy she showed when she could see more of the world around us. It was then I realized I could no longer snack without her seeing.

I remember her first steps, her hands clutching mine. I remember the first time she walked beside me, not holding my hand.

I remember the nights when she wanted to sleep in my bed. I remember the first time she wanted to sleep at a friends house without me.

I remember reading that book about your child’s milestones and realize they left a lot of important ones out of it. The milestones where you see this child you once sheltered within your body, begin to grow up and away from you.

As I glance at the seat next to mine in the car, I wonder how it is possible that I blinked and my child went from a baby to a young lady.





5 thoughts on “When did I blink?

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