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Rocking it School House Style

Today I am joining Kristi and Jen in their quest to make us recall songs from before we could change the radio station. Oh, I also checked to make sure that I am on the correct week. No silly stalker mix-ups this week.

This week’s Twisted Mix tape is brought to you by the 1970’s. In the 70’s the soundtrack of my life was whatever my mom was listening to on the radio.

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The radio that had about 4 buttons and Heaven help you if you rounded a corner and tried to tune the station back in. FYI this was way back when kids were allowed to sit in the front seat and not allowed to fiddle with Mom’s music. Kids are so spoiled today with their IPODs.

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In the 70’s my mom was in love with the Bee Gee’s. So much that she got me my very own lunchbox. How can you mend a broken heart? Not by giving an elementary student a lunch box with three guys who may or may not have been balding. Thankfully mom also provided me with the Shaun Cassidy t-shirt and satin jacket.


Continuing on with my mom’s taste of music. After we danced like John Travolta (no my dad did not have the suit) we practiced the Hustle. “Look here’s a dance. So old it’s new. ‘Cause trash disco is the new 70’s cool.” DO THE HUSTLE. Seriously people we had the Deney Terrio magic feet in a neighbor’s basement.

Before the age of MTV we poor children had the Solid Gold Dancers, American Bandstand and Soul train. For those young enough we had the true music that taught you about the USA. It was called…

Schoolhouse Rock

Yup, this is where we learned about how a bill becomes a law. Seriously before the Disney Channel this is how we spent our mornings. Sing along now: I’m just a bill, yes, I’m only a bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well it’s a long, long journey to the capitol city. It’s a long, long wait while I’m sitting in committee. But I know I’ll be a law someday, at least I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill. 

Last but not least, in a homage to my mom, she also was in love with Barry Manilow. We had Mandy, Looks like we made it, Can’t smile without you and the ever popular for the kitchen dance offs…the Copacabana!

Which when you think about it was really a strange song to be dancing to with your pre-teen. Her name was Lola, she was a show girl, with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.

Course it was probably better than any song Brittany Spears has sung!

And that my friends is the soundtrack of the 70’s Kerri Style. Tell the truth, you know the rest of the words to Copacabana don’t you?

This torture was brought to you by the sisters of Twisted Mix Tuesday:

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