Today I heard a talk radio program discussing could you really have it all? They were focusing on if a man or woman who worked outside the home could they really give each portion of their lives (home, work, play) 100%.
Personally, I think this is a ridiculous question. If I am getting 100% fulfillment (or giving 100% dedication) to my job, why would I need any satisfaction from my home/family/marriage? If everyone is trying to get and give 100% from every area of their life is at wonder why we are all so exhausted? They didn’t even touch on the subject of parents with special children.

Take today , for example. School is out, so today meant ‘balancing’ work, kids home from school, Boo’s therapy appointments (only one today thank goodness), and then some one had to cook dinner! Is it any wonder that those of us who have unique children might feel more stress in the balancing act?

I think it may be more important to ask, instead of do you have it all ask do you give it all? Let’s face it, there is no way to have it all. But we can give our all to each endeavor. When I am at work I give 100%, when I am at therapy with Boo I give 100%, when I am home with the girls I give 100%.

This is probably why now that the girls are asleep and the husband is at the station, I will only give the crazy puppy 10% of my attention and the rest I will give to my glass of wine!

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