“There is nothing wrong with Boo. She just has a funny pattern in her brain”—Allie

I overheard this at Allie’s end of year school activities. Boo was not so impressed with the 2nd grade presentation. She didn’t understand why Allie couldn’t sit with us. And when Allie was on stage Boo kept calling “ALLIE”! After the presentation I heard one of Allie’s classmates ask what is wrong with her sister. Allie’s response, “There is nothing wrong with Boo. She just has a funny pattern in her brain” made me smile. To her, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Boo. And in her 8 year-old way, she has figured out how to explain Boo to her friends.

Since Boo is so petite, she is frequently thought to be about a year or two old. This is where she is developmentally so we usually do not have to get into the specifics until people ask how old she is. It is when you see Boo with her age-appropriate peers that you notice her difficulties.  

We have been extremely lucky. Allie has always taken Boo in stride.  Boo is just starting to verbalize, and Allie was her very first word. They have had this uncommon bond since the moment of Boo’s birth. During the first year when it seemed all Boo could do was scream Allie was the one person who could calm her. Three years later, Allie still has more patience than I do. Allowing Boo to interfere with her activities, she just accepts Boo for who she is: Boo.

I sometimes worry that all the attention Boo needs adversely affects Allie. Then I hear Allie teach her classmates about Boo and my heart gets a little lighter.

Everyone should have a big sister Allie looking out for them.

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