A quiet Sunday before the Storm

Boo is content to cuddle (yes, we skipped Church)

Crazy puppy has his provisions

Yes, the bone is as long as he is tall

Allie has a craft-slash-bake project for me, we skipped CCD too (pray for me NOW)

Husband is at work, I figure he will be home sometime on Wednesday.

And I have bread, milk and wine.

It should be fine, right? And did I mention we have the cake that Allie won at the Boofest Cake Walk?

What can go wrong if we have cake & wine?

And pinot grigio? Happy Sandy everyone. I hope you and yours are safe!

2 thoughts on “A quiet Sunday before the Storm

  1. Jaida

    Hellooooo cake! Man, that's almost reason enough to get me out to the kids' carnival (amost). I love that Boo is a thumb-sucker. Neither of mine are and it just looks so sweet. That's a beautiful dog, is it a retriever?


  2. Kerri

    What could possibly go wrong if you have cake? Boo loves to suck her index finger, the school keeps trying to break her but I figure if this one thing brings her comfort than I am okay with it. Bailey is a golden retriever and Boo's best friend!



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