Never, ever, ever drink Diet Coke after a Shot of Prednisone

My husband was so thoughtful and gave me Poison Ivy. For no reason, it wasn’t like it was my birthday, our anniversary or anything special. Just because he loves me so much.

Yes, I am planning my revenge now.

In my 40+ years I have never been allergic to poison ivy. Oh, I’ve been exposed. My husband is highly allergic and gets it at minimum once a year (one time the day before we were leaving for Vegas for our first away from Allie trip). But I have always been immune.

Until last week, anyway. It hasn’t been too bad except it started to spread. So I went to the doctor who I haven’t been to in years. (You know how it is, I go so much with Boo I figure I am covered) He gave me a shot of Prednisone and a prescription for the next 9 days.

HOLY CRAP! I feel like I am on some type of speed. I mean really, is this why people do drugs? I think in the past 24 hours I have eaten my weight in Halloween candy (heck yes I raided the girl’s stash). But the strangest thing? I feel like I am on speed. Oh, I already told you that. SEE!!

If this is what having ADHD is like, children (and their parents/teachers/anyone they come into contact with) have my complete and utter empathy. They already had my sympathy and definitely more patience than I ever could imagine. Before the Prednisone. After the Prednisone? I am wondering exactly how they manage not to be in the principals office for bouncing off the walls during class.

Today, I made the mistake of having a Diet Coke. At work, while having to concentrate on very sensitive documents. It was not a good idea. I could hardly focus and when I answered the phone, my coworker told me that I was talking too fast for her to understand.

Last night was the first night Boo has slept thru the night since we went to visit my mom a couple of weeks ago. I almost woke her up because it was 2am and I needed someone to play with. And hey, a little revenge for the sleepless nights she causes me! But I didn’t. I figure she is in enough therapy as it is, and I shouldn’t set her up for a therapist couch where she would say,

“Doc it isn’t my fault I cannot sleep at night. When I was 3YO my mom woke me up at 2am to play with me because she couldn’t sleep and had all this energy”

I tried cleaning the bathroom, but that woke Allie up who asked me:

          “What the heck are you doing? It is 2am!”

Yep, I see a therapist couch in her future too.

Finally around 4am I started to doze. And Boo woke up screaming! Isn’t that always the way? Only 8 more days to go! It should get better, right?  Either that or I should be an ace with Words with Friends. I asked my husband, the Prednisone Poison Ivy king, how he dealt with the extra energy/ jitters. Turns out he has never taken the prescription as prescribed. Yes he felt a little jitter but not the hey lets clean the bathroom type of energy. Of course he never has that kind of energy. 

He thought since I had so much energy we should….I told him he gave me poison ivy and THAT’S ALL HE IS GIVING ME!!!

Oh yes, my friends….I am planning my revenge now. Please feel free to let me know your ideas on appropriate punishment 🙂

4 thoughts on “Never, ever, ever drink Diet Coke after a Shot of Prednisone

  1. Mariska

    Wow… I wonder if it's the shot that makes you feel that way?

    I am also on Prednisone at the moment. I have had shoulder pain for days now, and went to the doc yesterday. He prescribed muscle relaxers, painkillers and Prednisone. Sounded a little much to me, so I just started with one pain killer, and before bedtime a muscle relaxer. I thought that might do the trick, and I could stay away from taking Prednisone. Well, this morning the pain was worse than ever, so I started the Prednisone. (6 days total I believe). But I am your opposite, I have been SOOOOOOOOO sleepy all morning, must be the other mess I took. So maybe the Prednisone will wake me up a bit. I had a huge strong coffee, too, but even that didn't help. Hmmmmmm, maybe diet Coke 🙂



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