Monday confesions v7

I confess to being one of those undecided voters. Even with less than 24 hours before I vote, I am concerned that I do not fully endorse or heck even like either Presidential candidate. The local level, I am sure of whom I approve. But on the Grand Stage? I am concerned on many levels. 

Three simple questions I have about tomorrow’s election:

  1. Do either of the candidates realize that the people of NY and NJ, who have so much going on with their lives right now, understand that their votes must count too?
  2. Do the candidates realize that if they spent as much money on the national debt as they have spent on advertising, calling my house 45 times in one day, traveling (planes, trains and automobiles) and support our Country would be completely debt free and the recession would be over? And we might be able to cure homelessness, healthcare and feed the poor?
  3. Do the politicians realize that they are supposed to work for us, those who elect them and not the lobbyists that paid for all that encompasses #3?

If either candidate could answer one of those questions, I would promise them my vote!

One question I do not have, is that our votes must count. Otherwise we cannot complain about the State of Our Union. So tomorrow, November 6th please vote. Even if our votes may cancel one another out it is still important for our voices to be heard.

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