Time just flies….

Boo turned four today. I am amazed how the time has gone. I find it is kind of funny that her milestones are recorded in her medical record. I never really have to wonder when she first sat up, I find it in some EI report or doctor report. This makes filling out the start-of-the-school year forms MUCH easier to fill out.

I am impressed that the mom who wore gloves to change Allie’s diaper (yep, me) now looks at a hazmat and thinks to herself, well Boo is no longer constipated. I can now deal with vomit, drool, heck any type of body fluid with out embarrassment. Heck, I recently changed Boo’s diaper on a bench in the Animal Kingdom. I swear the area was private right before I took the diaper off and around the corner came about 50 other sightseers!

I am still astounded that Boo’s first word was “Allie”. She might still call every woman (and sometimes her father) ‘ma’ but “Allie” is reserved for her favorite person. I love that I know by the tone of her voice when ‘ma’ means “Mommy”. I crack up that a child that has never lived in the city has a Boston accent. I think it is all the times spent at Children’s!  

I am thankful for the doctors, nurses, therapists and teachers that have made Boo all that she can be. Which frankly, was more than any of us could hope. Although, I do think the doctors should send me a thank you note for providing for their child’s private school education! Especially the one who told me spinal surgery was a ‘piece of cake’.

I am so in love with this girl. When I had Allie I was one and done. I never thought I would have the love, the time or the patience to love another child. I am still in disbelief that I do. I think back to those first days in the NICU, when I never imagined that this child who I barely knew would live. When in a moment of sleep deprivation and worry I actually forgot her name for one (I swear, brief) moment. 

I never imagined she would deepen our hearts and strengthen our family. She also strengthened our friendships, new and old. Some friends became acquaintances, true friends became family members. True, faithful friends became our support system.  

Four years ago, I never dreamt that she would have a friend. One with DS who would use the sign for “B” to call her friend, Boo. That this girl’s family would tell me that “J” would use the sign all weekend long. The “B” sign no longer stands for anything other than Boo. That this mom and I would be in awe of our daughters. Two girls with completely different diagnoses would meet and become friends. 

Or that a little boy “E” in Boo’s integrated class, one who it the peer child with a bad-ass attitude, would take Boo under his wing. He sits next to her during snack and helps her. He makes sure that she gets her turn on the slide at recess. Boo has turned this trouble-maker into a hear throb. His mom told me the other day that when we were on vacation, he went into class kicking and screaming.

She and “J”‘s mom asked me not to go on vacation again, without forewarning them.

 Truthfully, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not the 14+ doctors, not the amount of time spent at doctors offices (although I do kind of wish I could change the commute!), not the time spent in therapy. If I had one wish, would I wish that she was perfect? Well, to me, she is already perfect. So if I could make a wish on the birthday cake (that she refused to eat), the wish would be to know her diagnosis, so I could understand her prognosis.

Happy Birthday, my Boo. I love you more than words can say.

And so does everyone who meets you. 

6 thoughts on “Time just flies….

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter! I know what you mean about not having a diagnosis.
    My son is severely speech and language delayed. Does he have autism? Probably not. So why? Who knows!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful little girl!



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