I HATE packing. Don’t get me wrong, I love going away. I just hate packing. Then add having to pack for 3 people (hubby is on his own) and I see the joy of staying home.

The problem with packing is I always forget something. Like the time we went camping Shenandoah and I forgot Allie’s underwear. The nearest store was over an hour away! Or the time we went to Disney and I packed for Florida weather and instead we got Antarctic weather. Then there was the time I forgot to pack Boo’s stroller. Or the time I forgot the toiletries. The list goes on and on.

My saving grace is there is usually a Walmart within an hour’s driving time.

It has gotten to the point where even remote family members ask if I have forgotten anything “this time”. I am quick to remind people that I have to pack for three people (husband is on his own) not just myself. At least I haven’t forgotten to put the girls in the car!

To compensate I tend to pack, well, enough for an expedition that would last 30 days rather than 2 nights.

This weekend we are going to our annual homecoming at our cousin’s house.  Although the weather report is calling for hot, humid and in the 90’s I’ve made sure (this time) that if it snows we are prepared.

And if not, I have the nearest Walmart logged into the GPS.

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