Between a rock and a hard place

Last night watching the BIG GAME I was really feeling bad for the mom of the coaches. I mean really, what are the odds that both of your sons would be having the game of their lives and it would be against one another? How unfair. Talk about playing favorites, who does she root for?


And for a brief moment I felt so lucky that I will never have to fight this battle. I mean really, think about it for a moment. Usually parents look at us in waiting room and think to themselves at least that is not my battle. But this time, I have the easier road to travel.

I never have to worry about Allie & Boo competing in the same events. Allie never has to ‘let’ Boo win, Boo never has to worry about upstaging her sister in a sporting or academic event. Heck I don’t even have to worry about conflicting sporting events. I have friends who are constantly on the road. They take child #1 to gymnastics and child #2 to dance. Or, feel me shudder, sometimes they even have to take child #3 to hockey. All at the same time! Those parents have to actually choose what event to attend. Sometimes they are lucky and mom goes to one and dad to the other. Child #3 gets taken by a friend.

You just know this is where sibling rivalry stems from. And while I may have to balance therapy appointments/doctor appointments with Allie’s activities at least I don’t have to say to her to make sure she takes it easy on her sister when they coach the Super Bowl.

I still think their mom turned out the lights to make sure the game stayed competitive.

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