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Things I learned in just 4 days

We do not generally get a lot of snow. So getting almost 3 feet of snow has been a novelty, even if it did shut down our area. But here are things I learned over the weekend:

My Allie is spoiled. We were part of the 5% in our town that never lost power, cable or internet. Allie: I’m bored.

Husbands are foolish. If you offer them a thermos of chowder or stew and they refuse to take it with them to work, they should not call you during the height of the storm to say they are hungry and expect sympathy.

Friends are easy to let go of.¬†As I have written about before, Boo really hates snow. To the point that it is almost traumatic for her. When a “friend” suggested that I just put her in the snow and make her “deal with it” I realized some friends are worth it.

Friends are really easy to cultivate. Especially when you are in the 5% who have power ūüôā

We are a spoiled generation. I offered hot showers, flushable toliets, heat, hot meals to everyone I know. What did most take me up on? Coming over to charge their lap tops, IPADS, cell phones and DVD players. I really wish some of them had taken me up on the offer of a shower.

Boo is really protective of Allie. Usually Allie looks out of Boo. But when Allie is out playing in the snow, Boo called to her to “OME ERE”. She wanted Allie inside where it was safe.

People are funny. The minute the driving ban was lifted, what did they do? Form a two mile line to Dunkin Donuts drive thru. You think I am kidding? They local D&D ran out of coffee.

My friends really like beer and wine. The ones that did come over to charge their electronics they managed to drink everything I had in the house. Next time I am charging a bottle of Pinot Grigio for every outlet that is used. Honestly, did they not get my memo about having the proper provisions? This is what happens when you concentrate on milk and bread rather than the essentials.

If you really want to get people crazy, during the height of a storm put this as your status on Facebook: Is anyone else craving Chinese food? (Yes, yes, I did!)
The girls really need to go back to school. I understand they cannot go if the school has no power. But to the power company, please make it a priority.

So long Nemo. Thanks for stopping by. It is time for you to go now. Like right now.

Okay, there is only 3 days left. Go vote for Ninee!!! She just made the top 50 and totally deserves to make the top 10.

The Blizzard of 2013

Allie and Boo got a half-day due to the pending storm. Allie is a little upset that it is falling on a Friday night which means she won’t get to skip school tomorrow. Boo is screaming at the window “I NO LIKE” at the falling snowflakes. Puppy is acting like the snow is crack and is pacing with excitement. Husband, of course, is working. But not to worry! I’ve got the provisions for either the biggest storm of 2013 or PMS. The girls are really hoping it is a snow storm!

We have:


And of course,

So, sweet & salty are not covered

And the most important provision:

Barefoot makes me think of summer.

 Hope your house is stocked and everyone stays warm!

Disclaimer: The wine is not to be shared with the girls.

2nd Disclaimer: I am making the girls watch Nemo during Nemo. Who came up with the name of this storm anyway?I know, they say it is the Submarine Captain. But seriously, they didn’t think we would all make the jump to….

Sorry, this was too funny not to steal from a friend’s Facebook post!

Oh, and before I forget…did you vote for Ninee today? Come on people she is up to #54 and there is only 6 more days left!

Report cards

Boo got a report card. Now this would be funny even if she wasn’t Boo. Seriously, they did a report card (or progress report may be the new PC term) for a preschooler.¬†In Boo’s case¬†her report card from the preschool¬†was just down right comical, with lots of exclamation marks (!). Here are some of my favorites:

  • Draws or builds a planned construction: Boo stacked two blocks into a tower! (I really wanted to know if she was going to be an architect!)
  • Knows that print carries a message (Reading Readiness): Enjoys story time!
  • Knows her name: Boo knows her name but refuses to say it!
  • Follows routine of the class: Boo is doing better with less redirection!
  • Copies pre-writing shapes and letter like forms: blank. But the teacher wrote: Boo recently drew a straight line with help!
  • Uses sentences to express ideas and feelings: (they circled “feelings”) Boo says, Don’t Like!
  • Prosocial behavior/Uses thinking skills to relsolve conflicts: No Conflict!

Okay, really. She is in a class of 4 & 5 year old. Do they really need report cards in preschool?  I am all for academic readiness, but this is taking it a bit too far (although Allie wishes her report card was this easy).

What I loved about the report was that you could tell the teacher was trying really hard to be positive. There were so many blank spots where Boo just doesn’t have the skill. The teacher didn’t write “needs improvement” instead she left it blank and then wrote something sweet in that spot instead. Under knowing her name:

“Boo is stubborn about saying her name, since I do not like to lose battles I just don’t ask.”

And my favorite….She ended the report with this comment:

We are so lucky that Boo will be staying with us next year”.

Which is code for: Boo is the only one not “graduating” to the kindergarten or pre-K next year. But apparently I am not the only one who is okay with that!

Oh and if you have a quick, quick moment please visit and vote for Finding Ninee. Right now she is at #59 but I think we can improve on her ranking, don’t you? She truly is one the funniest bloggers. You won’t be disappointed.

Uniterrupted sleep

I try not to vent about my husband here. First, the blog is supposed to be about Boo. Second, since he doesn’t read the blog it doesn’t seem fair to “out” him when he is being, well for lack of a better word, a man.

Lately Boo hasn’t been sleeping.¬† She goes to sleep fine but at least 4 times a week she awakens screaming. Sometimes it is her belly, sometimes she is congested, sometimes she is upset and sometimes she just wants to be held. She¬†lures you in, she will go 2-3 weeks of sleeping through the night and then¬†surprise¬†we have a week of sleeping issues. It is definitely a cycle.¬†One I am unsure how to break.¬†But what astounds me that Husband can sleep through Boo (or Allie for that matter) crying in the night.

And I know for a fact my husband is not the only parent who can sleep through their child screams. I have a close friend whose child had a double-ear infection, was in the bed with them screaming and her husband snored through the experience!

Last night Husband didn’t wake up until I got back into the bed. No word of a lie, this was our conversation:

Him: Boo was crying?

Me: Yes.

Him: Did you check her diaper?
Me: Yes
Him: Well why was she crying?
Me: I have no idea.
Him: Oh, okay, night.

And he rolled over and went back to sleep! Yes, I am slightly jealous that one he can sleep through it and two that he can just roll right back over. Me? I was up for hours. And I am not the only one who goes through this, Boo’s speech therapist (a brand new mom) was wondering how her husband can sleep through the newborns cries. I told her welcome to the mom club.

I know, not all men sleep through their child screaming at the top of their lungs. But those men are in a minority. I would also like to meet one of them!

Between a rock and a hard place

Last night watching the BIG GAME I was really feeling bad for the mom of the coaches. I mean really, what are the odds that both of your sons would be having the game of their lives and it would be against one another? How unfair. Talk about playing favorites, who does she root for?


And for a brief moment I felt so lucky that I will never have to fight this battle. I mean really, think about it for a moment. Usually parents look at us in waiting room and think to themselves at least that is not my battle. But this time, I have the easier road to travel.

I never have to worry about Allie & Boo competing in the same events. Allie never has to ‘let’ Boo win, Boo never has to worry about upstaging her sister in a sporting or academic event. Heck I don’t even have to worry about conflicting sporting events. I have friends who are constantly on the road. They take child #1 to gymnastics and child #2 to dance. Or, feel me shudder, sometimes they even have to take child #3 to hockey. All at the same time! Those parents have to actually choose what event to attend. Sometimes they are lucky and mom goes to one and dad to the other. Child #3 gets taken by a friend.

You just know this is where sibling rivalry stems from. And while I may have to balance therapy appointments/doctor appointments with Allie’s activities at least I don’t have to say to her to make sure she takes it easy on her sister when they coach the Super Bowl.

I still think their mom turned out the lights to make sure the game stayed competitive.